First Ever Cycle PCT (Test E +EQ)

HI , This will be my first ever cycle .

Stats -
Training : 8 Years
Age : 30
Weight : 80Kgs
BF : 9.8%
wasit : 32
arms : 17
chest : 45

I will be doing 10 weeks Test E @ 500mg/week + 500mg EQ/week (pin every Monday & Thurday).

I m planning to start HCG on 7th week @ 1000IU/week + Nolva @ 20 till week 12.

PCT (starts after 14days of last Test E & 21 days after EQ)
Nolva 20/20/20/20
Clomid 100/50/50/50

I m still not sure about the HCG .Can any one suggest if I should up or lower the dose.

Any suggestion would be great help

i am not sure if EQ is a good thing to add to a first time cycle and it is generally better ran for longer periods of time. In your above plan you would only be using it for 9 weeks.

I would drop the EQ and go with 500mg test or if you want to be a bit more aggressive go with 750mg test p/w or 250mg EOD etc.

If using HCG then do 250iu 2xWeek and stop a few days before starting PCT.

You need an aromatase inhibitor throughout the cycle

Use one SERM for PCT. Either clomid 50mg/day or Nolva 20mg/day.

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firstly thanks for a quick reply.
Is it important to take AI througth or if any gyno symptoms then ?

I read that while on cycle should be 250IU 2*week and increase(1000IU/week) till few days before PCT.

run an AI through the ENTIRE CYCLE. From day 1. Adjust dose as needed. Probably start with .5mg EOD