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First Ever Cycle - Help?

Hey everyone, I am new go cycles and compounds - I have done a lot of research and I want to perform my first cycle. I am 26 years old, weigh 205lbs, 5’10” and have been seriously training for 2 years.

These are the items I currently have:
20 iu’s of Test C - 250mg/ml
10 iu’s of Tren A - 100mg/ml
10 iu’s of EQ - 200mg/ml
30ml of Clomiphene - 40mg
30ml of Tampxifen - 20mg
30ml of Exemestane - 25mg

Before anyone asks, no I have no completed any blood tests, again - no I’ve never done any cycles.

Can anyone make any HELPFUL suggestions on how to setup a cycle and how I should go about it.

I don’t think IU is the correct measurement for test c or tren, did you mean ML? If so what dose per ml? And don’t do tren for your first cycle that’s all I can tell you for certain.

First you have iu’s and cc/ml’s confused. They measure HCG, HGH, insulin stuff like that in iu’s. Stuff like testosterone, EQ, tren, winstrol is measured in CC’s or ml’s and we notate the mg concentration per ml or cc.

Now that that is covered, ONLY USE TESTOSTERONE FOR YOUR FIRST CYCLE!!! No exceptions no excuses.

You have enough testosterone cypionate to run 500mgs per week for 10weeks. That is a perfectly good first cycle. Just do that. Take two equal shots per week. Do something like inject on Sunday and Wednesday OR Monday and Thursday.

At that dose you will probably be okay and not need the exemestane however if you do end up having estrogen issues I would take 12.5 mg or half a cc on the days you inject the testosterone. That should be all you need if you need it at all. Read up on the signs of high and low estrogen in men. We need it to build muscle but too much is bad, same thing with too little.

Seriously your research should have led you to knowing that you were supposed to only take Testosterone on your first cycle. EQ isn’t bad for a third or fourth or fifth cycle. Tren needs to be the LAST compound you try. It is steroids on steroids and is it’s own beast, leave it alone!

For the future only try one new compound at a time. There are many reasons for this but the simplest is if you take three new compounds at once and you have issues or side effects you do not know which one is doing it. If you only try one new compound at a time then you will know it is that compound causing the issue.


I’m a huge advocate of just running test your first cycle. Side effects are minimal and super easy to manage. As everyone else has previously stated, I definitely wouldn’t recommend running Tren your first time around.

Everything else has pretty much been covered. Do you know proper PCT protocol?

You haven’t done nearly enough research. 20 iu’s of Test 250 is 50mg…this isn’t enough to even make a 1 week cycle. So either you’re mistaken (my bet) or completely unprepared for what you’re about to do (also my bet).

I will also echo the other poster’s sentiments that a safe choice for a first cycle is Test all by itself. If you take no other advice from this thread that should be it.

Sorry for the rookie mistake of calling them iu’s - thank you all for correcting that. I’m going to take everyone’s advice and hold off on the Tren for now - I think that’s pretty solid advice.

Hold off on the EQ as well. Do you understand why we’re recommending you only run a single compound?

Yes I completely understand, I’m going to hold off on the EQ as well, I meant I was going to wait to use the Tren at a later cycle. I’m just going to do the test for now.