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First Ever Cycle - Dbol 40-50mg


Hey guys newbie to the whole aas cycles. researched for weeks on end before finally deciding to go for Dbol 6 week Cycle with nova as pct

I Am not new to the whole working out scene been on and off for over 2 years, off only due to injury.

My stats are :-
Age 19
Height 5,10
Weight 170lbs
bf % 12.5-13%

I also am running creatine daily and I do take pre workout sups usually jack micro or nano vapor.

My cycle will be
week 1 - 40 MG
Week 2 - 50 mg
Week 6 - 40 Mg

Im well aware that after this cycle i will loose a lot of these gains but as many other men out there I am needle phobic. Its something that cant be helped I think. So basically im just wanting to know if this cycle sounds okay and if there is any other methods than injecting test to keeping some gains.



I would recommend against this. You are young and only have been working out for two years. And if you know you'll lose most of your gains, why bother? Try focusing on your diet and training first.


I pinned myself 18 times yesterday..

you are not needle-phobic..

you are a FUCKING.PUSSY.


Wait till you grow up. Steroids at your age are unnecessary and can damage you permanently. If you can't poke yourself with a little needle you have no business thinking about steroids.

19 years old. Eat, train, grow up, come back in two years!


18 times WW? You pinning the whole fucking rainbow?


the whole..fucking..rainbow


I will now have to fight the urge to make skittles references!


do tell about the dosages, drugs used, and pin sites... you have my attention.

i thought pinning 4x sucked ass...


Jesus. Is that because of the slin pin's you use?


2x melanotan
1x insulin
1x gh
14x aas (skipped the night before because I was too tired)

all in .5ml slin pins


fuckin hell Walkway. What you running just now?


if I told you, I would have to kill you


I'd probably die from the horror of how much gear you're using


3.5cc of gear everyday isnt unthink able by any means... i mean its a lot... but sounds nice :slightly_smiling:

that would be about 875mg per day.... hahahahahah... 6grams a week sounds like a nice ride


If it's prop 100 then it's only 2.5 grams a week. Not unreasonable at all.


Wouldn't it be easier to dump larger amounts in fewer spots with larger volume pins? It would drive me fucking crazy to have to back fill all those slin pins and poke myself 18 times. The needles don't bother me, but my OCD would make me twitch like Michael J fox.


Your too young and only been lifting "ON and OFF" for 2 years. In my opinion that makes you a complete beginner but I feel like your gonna do a cycle no matter what someone tells you. So I'm only gonna give you one piece of advice...

week 1 - 40 MG
Week 2 - 50 mg
Week 6 - 40 Mg

^^ Don't back off on the final week. That's completely pointless.


easier? yes..

less painful? no

pinning smaller amounts everywhere leaves far less scar tissue and gives much less chance of an abscess


That answer is why I love this forum. Thanks Walkway, I didn't consider that.


Holy jebus. Also, I lol'd at the second comment.