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First Ever Cycle - Couple of Questions

Hey everyone, just started my first cycle today at age 25 (had low T from years opiate use). I injected my first dose earlier today of 225mg test from a ‘test t400’, will be doing 500mg/week for 10-12 weeks. Have a few questions mainly about PCT…

here is the list i have organized for pct starting 2 weeks after last shot, need some feedback if its ok because i keep reading conflicting info

-HCG (1000iu EOD/8 days then 500iu eod/6 days

-50mg clomid & 20mg nolvadex everyday/2wks

also considering buying some arimidex incase i encounter any man tit issues

and wondering what you guys do when you are in the middle of a cycle and unexpectedly have to make a trip to another country (i live in canada and sometimes get invited to see relatives in the USA)

my last question, when will i start feeling results physically and mentally?

thanks for reading

You can use HCG up until you start PCT but not during. The Clomid & Nolvadex combo is overkill. You only need one. Clomid is more side effect prone so you’re better off with just the Nolvadex. Most guys here are using 40mg the first two weeks followed by 20mg for three weeks (40/40/20/20/20). You should probably start PCT more like three weeks after your last shot.

When you start feeling a difference depends on the person. I didn’t notice anything really until about 6 weeks in myself but some claim to see & feel a difference sooner than that.

ah yes ok you confirmed the other reading indid on the PCT and HCG ill stick with what you suggested, but just to confirm i take the HCG during the test cycle if so how many units should i take over how long?

I will start my PCT 3 weeks after my last test shot and use just the nolvadex like you mentioned

any thoughts on the arimidex or not necessary if taking the HCG?

I’d use the HCG the last 2 weeks of cycle and during your bridge into pct. don’t use during pct. don’t take the Adex unless you need it.