First Ever Cut Not Going Well

In brief I started my cut in September and since then I have lost a large proportion of my strength. I started the cut at 192 pounds and now I am at 177 pounds.

While I lost a lot of bodyfat because I was really quite fat before, I am still at 19% bodyfat and my goal is 10% bodyfat.

My calorie deficit is 500 calories at the moment, at the start of the cut i was very stressed out with work commitments so missed a lot of gym sessions, my diet was also a bit bad.

Is there a chance I could regain my strength on a cut?

My lift stats have really suffered:

160kg deadlift 1x5
Now: 130kg 1x3

137.5kg Squat 1x5
Now: 112.5 kg 1x5

90kg 1x5 Bench Press
Now: 85kg 1x3/4

65kg OHP 1x5
Now: 60kg 1x5

Post what you ate today or yesterday.

It’s probably too aggressive a cut but you may be undereating particular macros as well.

I don’t understand. on the one hand, you were cutting, but on the other, your diet was bad? AND you weren’t going to the gym?

Dude. That means you weren’t cutting.

Of course you can gain your strength back. Have you tried things like working out and eating right? I bet that would go a long way.

Honestly, instead of approaching it as being ‘on a cut’ or ‘on a bulk’, just adopt healthy eating habits. Make these long term habits. And lift consistently. Everything falls into place much more easily when you don things this way. I’m never cutting, and I’m never bulking, I’m just always getting better.

Wait, you’re “still” at 19%? So you lost plenty of weight but no fat… Yeah, I’d say somethings amiss.

Bad diet, not training,… Pretty much the opposite of what you should do for a good cut.


slow cut, lift right and eat clean. its all you need. is there really a reason to ask if you already know you ate shit and skipped the gym? not tryna be rude but sometimes you gotta self asess