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First Espitane Cycle. Feedback?


I'm going to be doing my first espitane cycle in a few weeks, and wanted some recomendations or feedback.

Week 1: 30mg
Week 2: 40mg
Week 3: 40mg
Week 4: 40mg

On cycle:

Nolva or clomid

Also, will I need to take nolva during my cycle, or another AI?
How long after my cycle should I start my PCT? Straight off or wait 2 weeks like with AAS?




Nolva is not an AI, it is a serm. Why would you need an AI? Epistane doesn't aromatize.

Also, you do not wait 2 weeks after the cycle ends with "AAS"... how long you wait depends on the half life and active life of the compound. For example...testosterone enanthate, 2 weeks is about right. For testosterone propionate about 3 days. For testosterone suspension or orals, you would start the next day after the cycle.