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First Dianbol Cycle

This is my first dianbol cycle how do i take it and what can i do for high blood pressure.Is it best taken with testerone and what can i do to protect my liver? anything else i need to know before taking Dianbol?

Will you be taking real Dianabol or what you have wrote as Dianbol?

take it for 6 weeks and on your last week start liquidex for 3 weeks.

35-40mg per day of dianabol and a half a gram of test cyp per week might be satisfactory. monitor your BP and if necessary use a bit of catapress to lower the BP. as for your liver, use milk thistle, l-methionine and l-lysine.

Like many my first ever was a dbol only. I wish I knew then what I know now. Anyway, yeah 40mg’s depending on bodyweight and training experience is as good as any arbitary amount to start with. Also that way you can spread out your dosage over 4 increments.

6 weeks is about as long as I would intentionally choose to run DBol. I prefer to use products like Liv52 before and after using orals but not during. Perhaps I’m wrong about this but I always worry about my liver filtering out those items.

Anyway, a great starter cycle would be the aforementioned Dbol paired with Test E/C for 12 weeks or so. Also I do recommend having at least Nolvadex if not A-dex or Aromasin on hand in case your bobbies get out of control. Running test for that duration usually necessitates Proviron too.