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First Define or Gaining Muscle?


Hi ,
I have a question on what to start first . Define or Muscle GAIN
I read that you should start gaining muslcle with a bodyfat percentage of at least 15% or less .
Reason ->insulin sensitivity - less fat

Weight : 182
Bodyfat: 17&

Actually I am slim but want to get rid of last belly fat first and than start building up


Hi and hello, and welcome.

The best way to get rid of your belly fat is to start lifting weights. It will regulate itself. Don’t waste any more time, just start lifting.

Do you have a program yet that you are intending to follow?


As a complete beginner you are pretty much going to gain muscle regardless as long as you are lifting weights. If you were dangerously obese I’d say that eating a deficit (less food than you are burning) would make sense (as being in that condition can pose an immediate threat of heart attacks or Diabetes), but since you are only 17% bf (how are you measuring that BTW?) I’d say to eat at a slight surplus (try 200 cals per day over “maintenance”) to start and see how your body responds. If after a couple months you are increasing in body fat, then either drop cals down 200 per day and/or add in some extra cardio during the week.

Keep in mind that building substantial amounts of muscle mass takes years, decades even, to achieve while getting lean takes a matter of months (assuming you aren’t morbidly obese and have a good amount of muscle mass to begin with).