First Deadlift Form Check

Hey guys, first time posting for a form check and I would greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback and opinions. I’m following 5/3/1 and I started light to follow the principles of the system. It’s VERY light weight (240lbs) and I went for max reps but I didn’t have chalk with me so I lost my grip at 7 reps when I know I had more in me.

Anyway, here it is.

Thanks in advance, and I can provide any other details/training variables upon request.

I’m not someone who can adequately critique form as my deadlift form has been pretty awful till recently but have a look at how your back angle changes from the first rep to the last.

Good solid form. Only thing I could say is try and get tighter and really explode it up. Slow and controlled is not your goal when deadlifting.

@Shelders: I totally see what you mean! I didn’t catch that the first few times I watched it. I’m assuming that my back angle should be more like the beginning reps (more vertical) than the last reps (more horizontal) to avoid turning this into a stiff legged DL?

@Learning2Lift: Thanks, man. I agree I need to be more explosive. I’ll try and work on that this coming couple of weeks (one is a deload). The eccentric portion sucks; I try and make it slow to avoid having the damn flat edged plates roll on me and ruin my setup.

Those plates suck so hard. I feel you man, first time I was on them I almost cried.

your ending position should be standing straight, over extend your hips forwards (exaggerating the lock out) puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your spine. Be more explosive, and probably bend the knees a little more. If possible, use plates which are actually circular :frowning: