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First Dbol Cycle

6,5 210lbs 3500kcal 300g protein

Hi I’ve been training hard for past couple of years and am looking to start first dbol cycle. Was going to start with 10 mg a day am-pm for 1st week to see how I react with the goal of upping to 30mg am-afternoon-pm for the remaining 5 weeks. Does anyone have any helpful advice. Also plan would be to run 20mg of nolva following cycle. A guy at gym has told me only run Nolva if gyna occurs. Any advice would be appreciated.

Waste of time, IMO do a proper test cycle or don’t bother (include dbol if you want).
Also that amount of protein is plain unnecessary when your only eating 3500 cals a day, drop some and put it into carbs and fats.
Probably not what you want to hear but it is what it is.


Cut down protein to 200, but you don’t recommend a dbol only cycle ?

yeah doing an oral only cycle can be pretty harmful as it will suppress your natural test production so while you will reap the benefits of said oral eventually you’ll start to feel like shit from the lack of test in your system. you always want to use test as a base to any stack you plan to run.

Try searching “DBol only cycle” in google. 90% of advice will tell you to steer clear.

You’ll get stronger, you’ll get swollen from water, you’ll come off and feel like shit, you’ll lose just about everything you gained.

I know several people who have tried it as a first cycle because they were worried about injections. Let’s just say, they’ve all gone the Test route since.

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Lol dbol only… Where do people come up with this shit


Do it properly or dont do it at all.


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What would you recommend

@flyingscotsman17 12 weeks of test enanthate or cypionate only.

Ok planning on running 12 week cycle of test e only.

Can you advise OCT and PCT

Come on man this is literally a simple google search.

Sorry buddy just so much conflicting info

Can I just ask with 1st cycle using aromasin during do you think 12.5 a day is absolutely necessary at such a beginners dose of test

Also if I were to use nolva as pct for 4 weeks 40/40/20/20 would that be sufficient or would you recommend clomid as well.

I dont even see where you have stated how much testosterone you are talking about taking on a weekly basis. How can anyone help you. DONT TAKE STEROIDS.

Thanks for your help buddy, very helpful :+1:t2:


Look dude… you are all over the place. Multiple posts… piece mealing info… not enough research. He was giving you good advice. From his perspective you are not ready. If you choose this path the info you seek is readily available in this forum under ‘First Cycle Posts’.

I’m not a doc or giving you advice but this is what you would likely find in your search:

  1. 500mg Test Cyp or Enth per week, split injections 2x per week so 250mg each
  2. Aromasin - Your choice to run it or not, everybody is different. The wait and see approach is popular. Wait for sides and if you get them then add it in. Also you can use low dose Nolva as a gyno preventative if this is your only concern
  3. PCT - Nolva is preferred in the 40/40/20/20 over clomid due to less side effects.

What else?

Let’s put that into context shall we… I started on this forum as someone new to TRT. I am still on trt and will continue indefinitely. If I can help guys struggling with trt protocols I most certainly will because I know what they are going through. You in fact are not struggling with anything. You are clueless and need to reevaluate what you are doing before you hurt yourself. Your not even giving anyone a chance to help you and you have multiple posts going for the same issue. Good luck buddy. The best advice I can give you is #1 dont do steroids. #2 educate yourself thoroughly before proceeding. All the info is out there.


@alldayeveryday is right.
You should already know 95% of this shit before you start asking the little questions to complete the bigger picture. Being spoon fed everything you know is not a wise approach, if something doesnt go as planned you dont have the research behind you to work out what it is and fix it, you’ll just be on the forum again asking questions you should already know the answer to.
This forum is about harm reductions and to he honest when you were told not to do steriods that was from a harm reduction standpoint. If you cant even do the basic research on how to cycle how are you going to know how to keep yourself safe while on?

Your probably lucky some of the other guys with a less tactful approach haven’t commented yet.

Do your research, then do some more, THEN come back here and discuss it.

With all due respect. I have been researching but there is so much conflicting info out there. Also if I run into trouble from what I have found out there the Oct and pct are all I have came across regarding problems. So if gyna occurs get on aromasin if not keep it at the ready. Pct nolva 40/40/20/20. If any serious sides either drop it or reduce dose. You are right, maybe I have been getting a crash course here but everyone has to start somewhere and I began asking about dbol only cycle and was told to avoid so done a bit of research on test E and found that 250mg twice a week. Aromasin during cycle If concerned about gyna etc my preference though and for aftercare nolva. I mean cmon guys it’s not rocket science. Correct me if I’m wrong but everyone knows their body and if this shits not going well common sense would be be to come of it. The self righteous attitudes of steroid snobs astounds me just because I haven’t spend months researching this stuff. It’s lazy at best but like I said it’s not rocket science is it?!