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First Day-Ready to Rock


I am 24 years old. I went through my phases throughout high school and college getting cut up (never too bulky though) and toner, and losing it and getting back into it after a few drinking/eating poorly binges.......and now working in the office chained to my desk got me looking a bit pudgy and unfit.

My muscle mass has started to reduce and my posture is not how it used to be. I feel sluggish, dependent on coffee and I never have energy. This never used to be a problem for me until the past year or so since I had the job. Currently I work out sporadicouly, which is surely part of the problem.

Eating is also on a when I want what I want basis which is something which needs to be changed as well. I read several of the articles here, which is serving as motivation to pass my previous peaks and get back to where I want to go.

My goals are to become lean again quickly especially around the waist aand abdonominals, and also fat in the upper legs and glutes. I am now about 180 lbs- but I believe my body fat is 15% or maybe even more. I want to also bulk up my shoulders and broden them along with my back. I also want to get my chest to expand and bulk up.

I am willing to commit to a routine and time commitment of 45 minutes per day at 5am-before I have to go to work and which also should serve as a pump up for energy and mood throughout the day.

Now I am ready to be serious again in getting into tip top shape- for good. I am getting very interested in nutrition as I am now opening up my eyes to the powerful role it holds in success with your body and routines.

I purchased today Spike, Alpha Male, and HOT-ROX extreme but wont receive it until later this week to start. I am thinking of starting the Spike and Alpha Male first and HOT-ROX to knock of the excess fat after gaining some muscle mass in the upper body. I want to start over from scratch- the right way.

Can Anyone offer help on eating traing programs and also the motivation to be strict to it? Any positive suggestions appreciated.


For nutrition, read:


For programs that fit into your starting time window, I'd suggest:






Once you're hooked on Waterbury programs, what program you do next should take care of itself.

As to motivation - that's got to come from you. You could do anything from posting an unflattering picture of the overly robust "you" in places you are forced to see it all the time -- if the motivation is not to look like that anymore. Ask yourself why you're really ready to commit and how you're going to remind yourself of that.

Some say that it takes 19 repetitions to establish a new habit - concentrate on being faithful to your regimen for a month and it should stick.



Drew thanks for the insight- I agree the photo will be great inspiration. Ive never really trained hardcore- although I though I was at the time, after reading these articles I have been getting it horribly wrong. Im excited since if I could get into ok shape doing those routines I could only imagine the results with disciplined and tested routines. Any suggestions on where to find detailed instructions on performing these excercises? ie postioning and technique?


Most of them can be found by using the search function on this site. Just enter the exercise and there's a good chance there will be an instructional article.

If not, there are many web resources that can show you basic form.

If that fails, there are many thousands of man years of training experience on this forum. I'm certain someone will give you a hand if you need tips on a particular movement.



Hi! You've come to the right place for motivation and support! Keep track of your goals and progress for motivation.