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First Day of TRT Today, Bloods Included

I am 42,used to compete in my 20’s and early 30’s and basically shut down my hormones then,struggled through till now and I mean STRUGGLED! Mainly lack of libido,energy levels,depression etc. Finally been given the ok to start on TRT.

Bloods yesterday are as follows though Free test still to come through.

16 Aug 2012, Reproductive Hormones
FSH: < 0.5 IU/L ( 2.0 - 12.0 ) L
LH: < 0.1 IU/L ( 2.0 - 9.0 ) L

Validated by Dr. , Chemical Pathologist,

Ordered by:
Observation date: 16-Aug-2012

16 Aug 2012, Testosterone Group
Testosterone: 4.5 nmol/L ( 8.7-29.0 ) L
Free testosterone and SHBG not indicated as total testosterone is 7.0 nmol/L
or less.

Ordered by:
Observation date: 16-Aug-2012

16 Aug 2012, Thyroid Function Tests
TSH: 1.8 mIU/L ( 0.30 - 4.00 )
Comment: Consistent with euthyroidism. Suggest repeat TSH in 2 years if clinically indicated.

Dr has started me on Sustanon,suggested 1/2 ml every 4 days,so that’s 250mgs every 8 days.

Hopefully this will allow me to lead a more normal life,Dr will also prescribe Cypionate,but he felt the shorter acting esters in Sustanon and a frequent dosing schedule would be the way to go.

Interested to hear if anyone thinks the cypionate would be better. That would be 100mgs every 4 days. He said I can change to that if I did’nt feel any better on the Sustanon after a few months or so.


I didn’t realize sustanon actually is precribed for TRT anywhere…interesting…
It has a prop ester in it, so IMO dosing it every 4 days is too infrequent…but that may be irrelevant because:

You are not primary hypogonadal (or it is at least “inconclusive”). Your pituitary output (LH/FSH) was nearly non-existant. Almost certainyl due to your years of AAS use. Did you ever run PCT while runnin AAS?

If it were me, I would ask my doctor about a SERM Restart/Challenge and/or HCG monotherapy. I would at least try to get some pituitary output before shutting down both my pituitary and testicles with exogenous T.

Thanks VT,I really appreciate your input.

I think my testicles have been shut down for years…LOL.

Sorry,I never mentioned,I have been through 3 separate courses under an Endocrinologist using Clomid and HCG ,they then leave me in limbo for a year or two and try again. It has been 10 years of hell in many ways.

Here we can get Sustanon or Cypionate or gel patches or Reandron…those are the choices…Dr chose Sustanon to start.

Do you think one of those other choices is a better option?

I would choose Cyp…for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would choose sustanon–all the different esters make it very difficult to really guesstimate your blood levels with any degree of accuracy…but if you are on it long term, this is probably not a huge consideration…

Just go with whichever is cheaper lol

Any blood work or information on your SERM/HCG protocol periods? That may or may not be helpful.

I only have these two bloods on file.

2000 is first blood test after my last competition cycle which ended Oct 98.

The 2002 one was after the first HCG protocol. The second and third ones were similar levels to my first post. So while it kick started something in 2002,by 2005 it was too late and I had missed the boat on coming back to natural levels. Was let down here by Drs.

As for which one is cheaper,my treatment costs nothing,free healthcare here once you get the ok in the system.

So you think Cypionate is better? If I was to switch to that,what would be the dosing schedule,frequency you would use? Would really appreciate your feedback,I don’t have anyone here I can discuss this with other than Drs and as we know they are not always right.

Thank you .

18 Oct 2002, Hormones

FSH: 5.4 (1-9)

Hormones: (1-9)

LH: 8.4 (0.4-9)

Testosterone: 11.9 (11-35)

14 Nov 2000, Hormones

FSH: 2.0 (1-9)

LH: 4.6 (0.4-9)

Testosterone: 6.0 (11-35) L

Then I would just go with the cyp. It will take a bit longer to kick in than the sustanon, but hey, we are doing this for life, right? I suppose you could front load it if you are so inclined and actually know what you are doing.

2x/week ongoing dosing is what I would recommend.

Thanks mate,will see how I go and if I don’t feel much better on this,which from reading on here I won’t,will switch.

Dr was happy for me to do what I felt was right.

Really appreciate your help.