First Day of the Rest of my Life

Hello everyone, I havnt been on a fitness forum in sometime. I remember getting cycle advice a couple years back and posted a little log and got a lot of questions answered. Well I’m going to start by staying I have some depression issues, as well as body issues. Forgot the term for that. But lifting weights and staying fit has always been my medicine. I currently made a across country move to La, to start over and kind of find myself.

I’ll start with a little about myself, I’m 28. I was in the army, I played sports in high school and college. Done 3-4 cycles between 21+ mostly sust and longer estered test and kicked started with dbol. Etc just as a ball park figure. My goal right now is: I just moved to la, just got off a Euro vacation where I put some weight on. So shred down and get trained up for another Marathon.
I’m going to post my before army “football weight.” pics, then post boot camp pics where I never looked back went from 225 - 155 in 3 months or so. I’ve gotten up to 180 max on cycle. I never really ate clean clean during that time though. I will show pics of the last year or so my “marathon running.” Weight that I like to sit at. Then you can get an idea of what we’re working with.

Point is wanna get some diet tips, not my strongest point. Then some workout tips and form check. I’ll be posting my workouts in video for and layout and pr’s etc. the feedback makes me feel great, having a little help with achieving my goals. Well herI a some pics.

6 ft tall
Before pics 225lbs
Post boot camp 155lbs
Marathon weight 149-153 depends

Goal: low 160’s with putting some muscle on these chicken legs and getting my diet in check to get some abs showing like they did after boot camp. Also lay a solid foundation for maybe a prop, prop/winny cycle.
Other things: I feel when I eat 3/5 times a day that I just get big and hold weight, so yeah that’s one thing. Trying to balance my cardio lifting etc to match my eating. Ok well enough ! On with it. Today I sign up at the gym and start this next chapter on my life. Thanks for the open ears. Rj.

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Pre army , football weight

Although I said eating multiple meals a day really messes with my body and I hold the weight his was 3 square meals a day boot camp style and I had abs never lifted a weight just body weight exercise and running so I know it’s possible to get the abs showing.

Post boot camp
First time seeing my abs
225 - 155

After army I started running marathons was loving this weight between 149-153 on and off. But no abs really so I wanna keep my bf low but work more emphasis on keeping my muscle this time around

This was around 158
More weight training, less running
About 6 months ago these next 3 pics

6 months ago

6 months ago

This was taken yesterday most recent. No muscle and where I carry fat the most chest and stomach. I’m starting out on just a running regiment the next two weeks before I get into my lifting routine. Just going to be on chicken/fish and veggies maybe light carbs like sweet potatoes or
Brown rice if I go that route I’m not huge on carbs like never eat bread, sometimes tortillas? But when I get into my lifting I wanna figure out a good balance to get to these muscles up and my body fat down thanks everyone tune in!

Got it in today! 7 miles!
Plus parachute wind sprints!
Getting back in the game, roasting my bf before lifting begins !

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ANother day work 7-5 rand 3 miles and hill sprints
One tired dude


Nice tattoos! I don’t really have any advice as far as cycles go for obvious reasons, but maybe @BOTSLAYER can give you some heads up on cycles, and @MarkKO can chime in on diet and training protocols. @littlesleeper, @yogi, and @danteism, are also very knowledgeable too. So is @Irishman92


Haha nooooo I just say what everyone is thinking. Thanks for the props though :sunglasses:

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1st I am in and I am pretty interested to see where this goes and how.

Your goals are extremely contradictory. Keeping muscle and running marathons don’t go together, at all. This is why at 150 pounds you didnt have ab definition.

So with that and cycles I would wait. Everything you have stated as a goal is very doable naturally, just not at the same time. Cycling might make it a possibility but still wait and use that as the finishing touch. The cycle results will be very temporary though if marathon running is in the equation.

I know very little about Marathon Training but how would sprints carry over? If you could substitute most (ideally all) of your steady state cardio for Sprints that would go a long way in keeping muscle.

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@planetcybertron Thanks for the tag!

Hey RJ, as @BOTSLAYER said you really need to hone in on your goals. One or two are fine, but make sure they support each other (big and strong, fast with abs, endurance running and being lean, etc.).

I also support the route of taking your natural potential further than you have before supplementing with a cycle. Will it get your there quicker while ‘using’? Yea, sure, but I would rather keep this little trick up my sleeve a little longer than using it off the get go. You’re going to see a lot of quick improvements (beginner gainz, yo) so I’d take full advantage of that. This also gives you a chance to dial in your training and diet before potentially wasting a cycle while running and imperfect diet/training regime.

All that being said, you’re in a great starting position with a decent background in fitness so you should be able to meet your goals in a reasonable amount of time (<- vague enough for you?).

Lots of people on here happy to offer suggestions so don’t be afraid to drop a tag if you’re looking for an answer or comment!


Thank you very much for tagging others to help me on my journey. I’ll try and get down to specifics below!

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Well let’s throw marathon training away for the moment. I’ll run one this year regardless. But let’s see here! Goals. Well I was about 165 3 or 4 months ago. I’m 6’ tall and got pinched at 12% body fat. Nearly all being in my stomach area. So simplest way of putting it, however I can shred my bf% and keep some muscle on. I’ll be hitting the weights 6 a week, prolly ramp my cardio to some cross training rather then 10 mile runs. I wanna try and beef up the chicken legs of mine and get that ab definition on point. I’ve never been good at the balance all my cycles have been like sust or test e, dbol kicker. Also did a teen ace / test e cycle I believe. It’s been some years. All previous cycles I put on major mass and retained tons of water which was cool when playing football, but now I’d rather get that lean muscle look, that’s why was looking into prop, winny etc down those lines. I don’t really wanna jump above 170ish.
My big problem has been my body reacts crazy with carbs and sodium. It’s like I blow up with just little amounts of these too. So yeah that’s my
Body type. So I’m trying to find a diet balance, and that’s why I like try to be a cardio freak as well as my lifting . I always kinda thought more cardio = more shreds. I actually ran 10 miles today. My lungs are there and I can see my face already getting thinner. So I’m getting to my base to where I wanna be to start. Now just to figure out where I go from here. Think of like a buffed up xfit
Mixed with young like fight club or snatch brad Pitt
Actually now that I think about it, a spartan from 300!
Ultimate goal, 170ish tops, low body fat, jacked up legs. I wanna hit high pr’s at my weight. Ps thanks for the feedback like I said I’ve suffered with depression and the gym has always been my cure. And the community that comes along with it. I’ve also came to the conclusion that I’ve decided to take my career in personal training serious. I’ve done well helping other reach there goals, losing weight etc and it’s the best feeling in the world. I studied kiniseolgy in college,(never finished) got hurt playing football, left for army. Bunch of years later. I’m in La now, getting ready to start studying for nasm cert. just wanted to thank you guys again.

Sorry I don’t know how to tag you guys in a post

Oh snap last thing, I quit drinking alchohol. The only time my abs ever popped, was after boot camp (3 months no drinking.) think that might be a part of it?

Staying motivated everyday

3 Miles and sprints
Dinner grilled lemon chicken / broccoli / cauliflower

So this happened today haha. Hey that shits intense for reals. Steady roasting this bf. Got some amazing stretching in.

Rest day, but happy bday Arnold!!

Turns out it’s harder to find a gym with parking and not packed as shit in La