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First Day of Lent


March 1 is the first day of Lent.

I have decided to give up porn.

I might as well try to give up breathing, but I am going to do it.


A semi-related question: what was the reason behind "no meat on Fridays?"

I know that the church has done away with this rule, but how long was it in place and why was it abandoned?


I gave up giving stuff up. Fuck it.


Ummm... hate to break it to you, but you are about 16 days too late. :wink: Lent started on Ash Wednesday, March 1st.

And oddly enough, I gave up the same thing you did... Good Lord it's not easy.


"The Church" hasn't abandoned it in South Texas. All the grocery stores have catfish specials. Every Friday, the schools serve either nasty fish sandwiches or nasty grilled cheese sandwiches.


Why don't you guys send it on to me. I only gave up cursing this year, instead of my usual trinity of alcohol, cursing and chocolate. I just couldn't do it this year.



It was on my calendar to post on March 1st, saw it today and made the post. I have gone back and modified my original post.


I'm in deep shit if today's Powerful Image counts as porn. I can't look away for very long.


You can remove it from the front page by editing the preferences in your profile.


Up until the 60's meat was given up for ALL of lent, every day, not just friday's. (As well as other wednesdays and fridays not during lent).

The purpose was to avoid becoming psychologically/physically dependent on animal protein, and probably to decrease your testosterone for a time. It was also so that we would appreciate animal products more.

In other words, it was a type of exercise, and it was not a sin not to give these up.


I would tend to think actively chasing these types of pictures is the sin.

The P.I. is collateral damage, so to say, as yet another part of the inevitable sexual background noise that fills modern media and almost everything. Just my 2 cents.


<------ proudly pagan. :stuck_out_tongue: .....SUCKERS!

(although I did quit smoking for newyears)


so we're coming up on 1/2 way to easter and i'm just wondering, kuz and sully's, how's it going ?


I think I need to form a support group to keep this up. My GF does not live nearby and this was sort of getting me through. LOL


One day at a time. Actually, one mouse click at a time. I am watching more movies and spending less time on-line.


I hope you just made that up, because it isn't even close to the truth...

The original Law of giving up meat on Fridays during Lent goes back sometime to around the 1300's (possibly later or earlier)...it is rumored that it was originally created to help the fish markets in and around Rome - the fish markets were not doing enough business and the Vatican was lobbied to help and they banned eating of meat for a time, they have never reversed the Law because the secondary effect (and the one used to justify meatless Fridays) is that by giving this up (and others voluntarily) you are denying yourself and in turn should reflect on Jesus' suffering on the cross for you/mankind.

Interestingly up until the 1960's (with Vatican II) Catholics were restricted from eating meat on ALL Fridays through the year plus any holy days and during the Lenten season Catholics were to fast for the 40 days and only eat one small meal per day after sunset...that was changed to fasting only on Fridays and eating no meat on Fridays after the passing of Vatican II


Watch out! Mentioning Lent, God, the Bible and so forth will bring the wrath of several well-known board members down upon you.

How dare you talk about the things that are important to you!

On a serious note, good job and keep going. 40 days is not that much!



Fuckin fenians.


As I said, the fast included all of lent, as well as wednesdays and fridays during the year, all of advent, the weeks before the assumption and before Sts Peter and Paul day. FISH WAS NOT even allowed during many of these days, nor was wine or oil and it was put into the church calendar around 400 A.D.

It may have been reinforced in the west around the 1300s for political purposes.


I gave up Nintendo DS.

Now what will I do in the bathroom and during car trips?