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First date, older girl

ok guys, i need some suggestions. recently i asked out an older girl (i’m 19, she’s almost 22), and she said yes. for our date, i told her i was going to cook her dinner (at her place, im bringing the groceries obviously) and bring her with a movie. she loved the idea. now, im pretty sure i know what im going to cook, i’m thinking some chicken with thai seasoning and steamed veggies, but if you have any other suggestions i would be more than happy to consider. however, my real question is what movie should i get. i want one kind of interesting (so i wont fall asleep), but one that might have us burning some calories naked by nights end. (dont worry i got game, but i just want the closer; the good movie.)thanks

Don’t forget the honey, strawberries, chocolaate sauce, pastrami on rye with mustard & whipping cream for later. :slight_smile:

The trick to getting laid with movies is to get a movie that’s not all that interesting, so you don’t end up finishing it, if you catch my drift. One that’s repeatedly worked well for me (I have no idea why) is the Birdcage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.

whoops sorry i forgot to proof read that post. dont worry my grammer isnt that bad. i swear i talk american good.

Oh, JC, where do I begin? In regards to a movie - what is this chick’s taste? Hopefully not the usual “chick flick” - if not, well then, you’re in luck. If you have a DVD player: find movies with alot of special features. They’re much more fun to watch due to all that extra “stuff” that can also be useful in stopping the dreaded “uncomfortable silence”. In other words, they’ll help in creating conversation.

She likes sports? Action? Hmm. I'd say Die Hard, 'cuz it's got some decent action, plus Bruce Willis and his "marriage issues" with a strong-willed woman (chick interest right there). Shrek is a entertaining flick - both in dialogue (asplendent in witty humor) with a great central character and woman lead. Oh, let me warn you: I'm choosing flicks with strong woman leads: cuz that may interest your date.

What else? Swingers - cuz I love this movie. Good, catchy dialogue. Galaxy Quest; Oh my god - this movie was awesome! A funny take on the whole Star Trek fan base. Good special features, too. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: good for the foriegn film choice. The Game: directed by David Fincher. I like this movie - probably the only movie I like directed by Fincher. It's engaging, and you do get lost in the plot. A good "thriller" starring Michael Douglas. Zorro: starring Antonio Banderras. I don't know why- but I have fun watching this flick. It has decent characters and doesn't take itself too serious - plus it has "chick value" - a romance. The Adventures of Pricsella, Queen of the Desert: this movie garnered a "Best Costume" Oscar - and once you watch it, you'll see why. WOW. Plus it stars Terrence Stamp as a aged transvestite. Great acting - sharp dialogue. Great story. Simply Ballroom: I LOVE this movie. Directed by Baz Luhrman (Moulin Rouge - hey, another good one), the new Special Edition DVD was just released. Must see.

More choices... but let me know WHAT you are interested in. As well as what she may like. BTW: Always get four choices - that way, if she's fickle, there's always a backup. 'k?

That's movies - that dude I know who's a chef can help you with the food.

I don’t know exactly what you had in mind but heres a recipe.

2 chicken breasts sliced

Veggies: carrots, broccoli, onion, celery, spinach, whatever you want.

Curry paste, whatever you have access to.

one small can of coconut milk.

one can of chiken stock

peanut oil or vegetalbe oil

2 kaffir lime leaves(Lime juice will do if you cannot get them)

Thai basil, regular basil O.K.

In a wok or large saute pan, heat some peanut oil, then add your chicken slices. Cook them till their done then remove from pan. Add some more oil and stir fry your veggies(or steam them if you prefer), and remove. In the same pan add half the chicken stock and half of the coconut milk (make sure you shake the can well before you open it) and the kaffir lime leaves. bring it to a boil and the reduce to a simmer, and let it reduce by half. whisk in a teaspoon of the curry paste (you may have to add more or less depending on your taste).Check the seasoning, and add salt if you need to. Add your chicken and veggies back in and then add the basil leaves don't be shy, add a decent amount. Serve it over some rice or rice stick noodles (I am assuming you know how to cook these, if you dont, let me know).

tis is a pretty simple recipe, but you may want to do a trial run, if you have time.

pat and ko:
first off, you guys freaking rule!
pat-yes, she’s athletic, but i kind of have the feeling she’s a sleepless in seattle type. (a little ditsy, daddys girl type, but she’s so hot it kind of blinded me from everything else. damn teenage hormones.) actually shrek sounds like a pretty good choice. now, while i would love to watch die hard, i dont think its a good choice for this girl. i’ll see what everyone else suggests but shrek is atop right now. thanks.
KO–man that sounds delicious. i’m cutting now, so im just gonna stick with the veggies, but the stirfry idea with the thai seasoning sounds awesome. thanks

I wouldn’t call that “older girl”… you are about the same age… try 39 when you are 22 or something along those lines. :slight_smile: As for the movie subject, my trick was to get the movie that I like and not the movie she could maybe like. That way, if the date goes awry, you at least get to enjoy the movie. :wink:

I recommend “Chocolat” with Johnny Depp–fantastically strange movie, interesting, romantic to a degree, seductive. If you want a funny romance, nothing beats “When Harry Met Sally”–an all-time classic, in my opinion. But, I agree with Patricia on bringing a variety–especially if you don’t know what her taste in movies is. Stay away from the teen type flicks, though, or you’ll look like an idiot-- you know, things like “Road Trip”, “Dumb and Dumber”,anything with Adam Sandler-- that kind of thing. Oh! “Cast Away” is amazingly gripping, despite it’s slow-moving plot. And–if you want her to leap into your shoulder because of tension and fright, rent “What Lies Beneath” (people actually screamed out loud at the theatre in that one!).

Apparently you don’t remember what it’s like to be 19. Twenty-two is DEFINATELY considered an older girl. I base this on the fact that if i told my friends I had a date with a college senior, they’d say I was bullshitting. Of course they all hang out by the junior high school picking up chicks, but whatever… just kidding. Anyway, it’s a pretty respectable difference in age. Just a thought.

Hey, we’ve got True Lies on right now. That maybe a good choice, also. GM: Chocolate - YES! Definitely good choice! JC: Do check this one out.

La Femme Nikita might be something to consider also. How I LOVE this movie. Got it both on VHS and DVD. Okay, but she's more of a "Sleepless" type? Hmmm. How about for comedy: Romi and Michelle's High School Reunion - starring Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kurdrow. This movie surprised me in it's smart script. And it's funny. Working Girl - yeah, it came out in 1988, but it's a good movie. Something Wild, another one that also stars Melanie Griffith - a sleeper of a movie, it catches you and pretty much holds onto you. But I should add: watch this one first - tell me what you think. Dangerous Liaisions: a sexy, sexy movie. Oh my! Wonderful. Characters that use sex and the power of seduction to manipulate. Whoa, baby.

So, JC: Choose movies according to genre. Comedy (romantic comedy), thriller, drama, action/adventure and sci fi/fantasy. Choose two from each - if there's a chick working the counter at our video rental joint, ask her which ones. That may help, also. AND, let us know how this date went!

Chasing Amy.

ok so the date is tonight. here is what i decided. im going to stir fry some chicken and broccoli with some thai seasoning, and i rented cast away and shrek, and i will let her choose. (ive seen them both so if she gets to distracted by my devastating good looks and charm i wont mind missing it! hey gotta go in confident she’s of drinking age and i’m not!) lets see im going for the polo sport cologne, that usually gets them. oh yeah cant forget the trojans! thanks to all your suggestions. ill post tommorow on how (un)lucky i got.

now i know 3 years isnt that big on paper, but it does mean a lot in this situation. basically the fact that she is over 21 and i am not is a big part (i dont drink, but i still cant go out with her). plus, i am still at the age where i can date high school chicks.

Well, JC you’ve made me try to connect with my “inner chicklet-ness” in regards to movies, so I’m taking a break from my “art mode” and made a quick list:

Shrek, Jerry Maguire, Say Anything, Galaxy Quest, Nottinghill, True Lies (sorry, but I think she may like this Aw-nold film), The Abyss, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Chocolat (good call, GM!), Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Princess Bride (how could I have forgotten this one? GREAT CLASSIC!). These are all movies, I think you would find engaging, too.

Ah, to be young enough again that 22 would be considered “older”…

Don’t forget the champange and strewberries… I forgot your only 18… I don’t want to support underage drinking… Although I didn’t do it myself hahaha… I just saw Captin Conelli Mandlin… I think thats the spelling w/ Nicolas Cage and Penlopie Cruz man she good looking… great movie for girls and guys…

I wish I could find a girl that shared my passion for cheesy horror movies like THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, or MOTEL HELL or DAWN OF THE DEAD. There has to be some girls that like moveies like that.

Check out Life Is Beautiful…Pretty cool movie…Roberto Benigni might not look like a T-man butwhat’s more testosteronish than using your wit and giving up your life to save your family…?:slight_smile:

Guys, I know that junior high - senior high makes a difference in the States… and that you are not legal to drink or go to certain places until you are 21, but in my country, there is no clear difference between different high schools and you are legal when you are 18,but pretty much nobody asks you anything if you want to drink when you are 14 or 16… there are laws that prohibit selling alcohol and cigarettes to minors, but they are not really enforced. Like I said, I am 27 and I see no much difference between 19 yo guy and 22 yo girl… all girls look pretty much the same from the time they are 17 until they are 23 or so… that is when the deterioration starts. :wink: like I said, this is pretty much social stratification of your society. Oh, another thing, if you decide to watch Chocolat , Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Princess Bride or Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, be sure to have some aromatase inhibitors or antiestrogens with you. Arimidex and Nolvadex will do. Otherwise, you might wake up with tits…