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First Date Ideas!

Hyok, I agree with a lot of the things you’ve said. I too find it ridiculous the amount of prejudice that exists here. But what can you do? When I get it, I usually say something (in Japanese, of course), and that generally surprises people enough that they shut up. Of course, being White, I don’t get included in conversations about how bad the Koreans are. But I try to cultivate a circle of friends who don’t have those kinds of hang-ups. (Mostly younger people.)

Just to set the record straight, though, the comment I posted above was made to a White American girl in 1982, waaaay before I was even thinking about coming to the Orient. So I’m not one of those guys who can only get laid in Asia (I know you were worrying about that…). Also, I’m a bit older than the typical Nova English teacher, so I generally don’t hit on the 19- to 20-year-old, deer-in-the-headlights crowd like most of them do. I probably will end up marrying a Japanese woman (not that I have a particular fetish about them, it’s just statistically the most likely outcome at this point), but when I do rest assured that she’ll have her own opinions and a functioning brain. Peace, bro.

Nate, I actually dated the woman I said that to for 8 months (a record at the time), so I don't think that using the line would necessarily mean that the relationship was short-lived. Still, I see your point - you might want to try something a bit less risky! So how about you keep the ol' char-dawg's (ever notice how people on this board start referring to themselves in the third person?) advice up your sleeve as a last-resort kind of thing just in case things get desperate! Good luck!!

well, it looks like everyone and their mother has replied to you, although i’m not sure if you got any feedback from any women. i am quite similar to this woman and would enjoy a nice, healthy meal/snack together so we could chat face to face and then a walk on the beach in the moonlight. don’t do a movie: get acquainted. the springs sounds like a great idea. i doubt you’ll ever be at a loss for daytime activities. hey, you can always ask her what she’d like to do…you know, say, ‘i’d love to do something with you that you’d enjoy.’ if she tells you to come over with your overnight bag…well, you can eat at her place and watch the moon from the window… :slight_smile:

By my calculations, Nate Dogg should be scoring right now. Keep us posted on your results.

Nate, it’s 11:21 am here on the East Coast, so…HOW’D IT GO, T-BRO?? Lata.

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OK boys here is the update. I trailed Nate and his date to a very nice coffee shop near his home. I got a table near them and listened as he waxed eloquent about Charle’s and Ians different training philosophies, the last 10 “Atomic Dog” articles, Berardis philosophies on nutrition, and then proceded to show her his last 12 months training logs IN DETAIL!..showing her the gains he has made since he found T-mag. He then broke out a guide to all Biotest supplements, and showed her the research that went into each. By now she was hyperventilating, and asking for a knife sharper than a butter knife to slit her wrists. He then pulled out a bodyfat caliper, and offered to do a bodyfat check, and write up a program of nutrition, workout, and supplementation for her. At this point, she was trying to strangle herself with the nice cloth napkin. At this point, Nate decided to demonstrate how many “Handstand pushups” he could do. She quickly excused herself to the ladies room, where I casually sauntered over, and asked her if she wanted to get out of there. She quickly agreed, and we snuck out the back door sticking Nate with his check and mine. Oh and Nate, her and I had a GREAT time last night bro!! She has this trick she does with her mouth and a scarf…it blows your mind dude!!! When she wakes up this morning…I will see what other tricks she has up her sleeve!! PS…she is a great snuggler!! Later!!

Whopper, did his socks match his shirt?

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WHADDUP, DAWG??? Enquiring minds wanna’ know! Did she make you breakfast this morning? Did you keep that tongue in check and avoid quoting TC? When is the wedding? Don’t be holdin’ back on us now…

Monkeyboy…he was wearing baggy bodybuilder clown pants, a fruit of the loom wifebeater, a doo rag, and Chuck taylors, complete with a pair of wraparound shades…even tho it was dark out!! Anyway, just had to mention that TC was RIGHT!! Hero sex IS the best sex there is (she was so grateful to me for saving her!) and guess what guys!! she is taking me for a pony ride next!!! Yahooooo!!

Hey Char-dawg, sorry if I offended you, implicitly or explicitly. I was making some broad generalizations that are true more than half the time, but obviously there are many many cases when it it not. Yeah, I found most Japanese girls to be pretty stupid, but I obviously found one that think is pretty darned special, special enough to marry her. Chris, I’m sure you will agree with me that 9 of ten guys that go to the Far East to teach English either have an Asian girl fetish or cannot get laid in the U.S. The girls they score on are vacuous bimbos who like to show off their foreign boyfriends. To tell you the truth, I have absolutely no ill-will towards those who engage in that stuff if they were honest about it. I just wished that they were aware of it and could admit it to themselves. It sort of irks me that they are in denial about it. The Japanese girls that go out with foreigner, I wish that they can admit to themselves that they do it to get attention, or because no Japanese guys would go out with them or so that they can show off their English “skills.” I guess people lie to themselves everyday, everywhere in the world, but when it is so out in the open in plain view, it is not pretty to watch. At least you guys who go over there to teach English as a profession have some sort of qualifications, but the stupid military wives from podunk town in Louisiana who speak mangled English inviting Japanese teens over to their on-base housing and have the girls help them prepare dinner, and eat dinner together then charge $50/hour for the “English lessons,” make my eyes roll back. Soldiers who barely made it through high school having sex with a girl and charging her for the English “lesson” really takes the cake. Yes, it is tough when you, as a demographic fit the mold of a group that is often stereotyped. Chris, I feel a great deal of respect for you for the fact that you have an awareness of what I’m talking about. I don’t know why I feel this way, but awareness and honesty to oneself makes all the difference for me. So, if you want to pick up a vacuous Christmas cake at Roppongi, that’s cool. I won’t think any less of you, not that my opinions should matter in what you decide to do. I will stop now. If you know where I’m coming from, you’ll just know–just like Bodhidharma “just knew” when Buddha held up a flower in his right hand. Take care.

Whopper, you were cracking me up bro! LOL! That was good, very good. Well, I’m sorry to say that me and the vixen never went out last night. We didn’t have set plans at the time I wrote this post. I had just asked if she was available Fri or Sat and she said yes. I left a message for her yesterday but didn’t hear back from her. So Friday night didn’t happen. I ended up catching a movie with a friend of mine (Swordfish, not too bad!). So I’m hoping to hear from her today so we can plan something for tonight or tomorrow. Also, we didn’t go to the springs today since a few people were working and the weather hasn’t been good today. We will most likely go tomorrow. Whopper, the new roomie was here yesterday. She is so incredibly hot and so freakin’ cool that I can’t believe I’ll be living with her. And I already informed her that she will be our “hookup” for supplies as well. :wink:

In other news, there is someone else that I went on a date with on Thursday night. She's cool. Not really my type. But she seems EXTREMELY interested in hooking up with the Dogg in more than just a friendly way. So I may oblige her just for fun. And she's actually a year older than me (I know you prefer older women!). Oh yeah, I still need to tell you about the hella hot 30-year-old I met while in Portland. I'll have to send you her photo. She was cool as shit. We still keep in touch and she wants me to come back and visit again soon.

As for the girl I met at the skating rink, she’s really the one I’m most interested in. So I’m hoping I haven’t scared her off in some way. I hope to hear from her today. She seemed interested when we met, and you’d think that if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have given me her phone number. And yes, it is the correct phone numer! LOL! So we’ll see T-bros. I’ll keep you posted. Peace outtie!

Hyok, my man, that was a cry from the heart if I ever heard one! No offense was taken, bud. I just wanted you to know that I wouldn’t give ol’ Nate any advice that had worked on a Japanese woman, 'cause it sure wouldn’t apply to anyone in the West!

Brother, I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. Japan is Loser Central for foreigners (meaning white and black “men”). Guys who couldn’t get laid by a phalanx of Roman road-builders back in the States score some ugly chicks over here and think that they’re the shit. Half the time I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. And yes, it does seem strange that someone who barely made it out of high school, has never learned a foreign language himself, doesn’t have any teaching experience and speaks no Japanese can make as much money here as someone who’s tri-lingual, has a degree in Linguistics, speaks (reads and writes) fluent Japanese and has ten years’ teaching experience… Not that I’m bitter, of course…

I think that it's totally cool that you married a Japanese woman! Are wa ichiban besuto na kokusaika deshou. Tabun iranai to omou kedo, jikai nihon ni kittara uchi n chi ni kite (okusan to issho ni), tomatte kudasai. Issho ni toreiningu shiyou. Itsu demo ii yo!

Anyway, I think we'd best return this thread to Nate and the gang! I for one want to know what happened on the date, although Nate's silence on the matter is starting to make me think that all is not happy in Dogg-ville...

Guys, see, it is called DENIAL. Nate doggie dog doesnt want to admit that what I posted was the TRUTH!! (She is sitting next to me as I type this Nate, and she is laughing at your poor fake story.) Didn’t hook up…surrreee Nate…you and I…we know the truth and thanks to me…so does everyone else on this forum. But thats OK…cover it up by saying some other hottie wants to jump the old Natester…its ok I will let you stroke your ego…well, cause, right now…she is stroking something else for me!! Better luck next time!! and by the way Nate, Yo baby Yo baby YO!! IS NOT an acceptable way to greet a lady (She told me all about that…before you guys got to the coffee shop…when you picked her up)

Funny how this thread started as suggestions for Nate’s Date and ended up being a catalyst for the song “Me So Horny”. Whopper, you attempting to pay war reparations in the sack tonight? Lata.

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Charu-doggu-san, arigatoo. Boku no Nihongo wa chotto dame da kara…had to get my wife’s help to get the full understanding. Thanks for the invite, and maybe we can get a wookuauto in the next time we visit the in-laws. Kinda off the subject, do you have any idea what Chairman Kaga is saying on the TV show, “Iron Chef” (“Ryori no Tetsujin” on Fuji TV) when he gets the competition started? My wife and I speculated that it sounded like “Art Cuisine” or something to that effect.

Meanwhile, Nate Dogg's saga is getting curiouser and curiouser. He is beginning to sound a lot like Timbo's first couple of attempt to bulk up--all talk. Just busting on you Nate. I have to experience the single life vicariously though you guys. Keep us posted.

Whopper, what have you done to my vixen? Stealing her for yourself! You bastard! I’m going to hunt you down and kill you for taking her away from me! Go ahead, rub it in my face! The Dogg has rabies and he’s ready to bite! LOL! Well, I’m sorry to say that she did not return my calls and we never had a date Sat night either. The ball is in her court. I left a message, and will not call her again until she calls me back. So I guess that maybe this one was scared away for some reason or another. What can you do? And you know I always have alternate plans, so me and a few of the boys headed to the local strip club for some fun. It was all good. And I’ll keep you posted about my happenings with the other girl and anything else that pops up! I’m just disappointed that this other girl never called back. Too bad, she was a good one.

Nate - lemme tell you about my first few dates
with “Mrs. Brock”.

First date, I show up at her apartment with
a dozen roses and three handguns in a case.
I took her to the range and taught her
how to use a handgun safely.

She totally thought this was “different and
cool” and thus, she asked me for another

Second date, I told her I would cook her dinner and then I had a surprise for her.

She arrived at my place at 6PM (note, make
sure your place is VERY clean, especially
bathrooms, women like this, no laundry on
the floor, etc.) and I made her Chicken
Vindalu (she had never had Indian cuisine
before) and for desert, I had made these
hand dipped strawberries in white chocolated.

This was a good segue into sexual activity
because I offered to “feed her the strawberries” and this led to some erotic
overtures and some “fun”.

After a nice romp in the hay, we ended up
taking a horse and carriage ride around
downtown Indianapolis.

Date three, we went to Tarot Card reader and then to a cigar & martini bar.

Bottom line - be cool, be different but come off as self assured (not cocky), genuine and a little off the beaten track.

I have found that I got more LPT if women
found me to be somewhat mysterious and
different while very genuine.

FYI - Japanese girls are really easy and fun in bed but I found them to be, as a rule, somewhat boring after a few dates.

Too submissive and demure.


She was scared away because she reads this forum every day and saw the freaky people you’re taking mating advice from :slight_smile:

Damn, I think this forum has everyone wanting in. Brock’s posted twice in the last two days. Yeah Nate, make sure she has no idea about this forum until a) You’ve gone your seperate ways or b) you’ve gone your seperate way while she’s to sore to get out of the sack. Lata.

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I feel ya, Nate. I gave a hot girl my number a last week, thought we had a connection, but she never called. Guess she was just a vixen in disguise.

LMAO at whoppers posts and then awestruck silence at brock’s first date. So glad there are some other relatively old school players here ;). Ive got a new approach thats working cause the state of play is (a) 2 weeks ago I hooked up with an 8/10 23 yo 6 foot size 8 brunette who I for drinks and found out she was bisexual. I went away for a few days and the very next day and she rang and said she wanted me to go out with her and a friend (!!!) and to ring when I get back (b) 1 week ago I met a 9.5/10 covergirl 23yo 5’9 with impossible D cups who rang on saturday (I missed her call) and left a message that she wants to catch up. © first night of holidays I met a girl from my town and got her number and just rang her moments ago and will have a first date this thursday!!! 20yo blonde that seems the most balanced and genuine by far!! First date plans for her - dinner and maybe a movie or pool or drinks or who cares. Im sticking with your KISS principle Nate cause I think Ill feel more comfortable that way.

The secret for my recent success - (a) a more balanced approach to developing mind and spirit in addition to the body (b) talking to every girl in the place (just “hi” - way better than a heavy line but 10-20 girls a night - its easy when you get (a) right) on a friendly level about as little substance as possible and just going with the flow from there. © consciously keeping things light and staying light on my feet (never getting deep or heavy in coversation, dwelling or second guessing).

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