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First Date Ideas!

Okay, so last night, some friends and I went to “adult night” at the local skating rink (It’s a lot of fun!). It’s been a long time since I’ve gone, and after being used to in-line skating, getting on the old-school skates was tough. It took me a while to get the hang of it. Anyway, we had a blast! And there was one girl that was hella hot. So I skated up to her and started a conversation. This girl is great, exactly what I’m looking for. She’s hella hot, doesn’t drink, smoke or use drugs, stays active (former soccer player and cheerleader), is independent and is so cool. At the end of the night, I got her phone number and asked if she was free this weekend to get together. And she said she was available. So I want to ask her out Friday night. But I need to come up with a good date idea. I don’t want to do dinner and a movie (boring), and I work out Friday, so I won’t be ready to do anything until after 9pm, so I’ll eat at home anyway. I thought about hanging out at a local coffee joint so we can talk. And I thought about seeing a play at the local theater, but nothing good is playing right now. So I need some other good ideas. If things go well, I plan on inviting her to the springs on Saturday. Some friends and I plan on tubing down the Itchetucknee Springs (It’s so fun!) and having a picnic. So that would be a fun thing to do during the day. We can stay active and of course I’d see her in a bikini! :wink: So I need your advice T-men and T-vixens! What are some other ideas for Friday night?

Outdoors stuff is always definite quality date material, so long as the weather permits it. Remember to bring a big blanket/tower suntan lotion, ect. (The big blankey may have a very important role if things go really well) Try to find a place that’s a bit out-of-the-ordinary, i.e. not just a movie and dinner. Sometimes, just a long drive can be romantic and a good way to learn about eachother. Cool cd’s are a must in case conversation slides, you just make an abscure reference about a song or what it reminds you of, musci helps people to open up, use it. Most of all, have fun. You’re a T-man, use your head,keep thy cool, represent, WWTMD? Lata.

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Dont know if you have access to these (I am in chicago and we have some good ones) but take her to a jazz club. Beats just getting a coffee and the music is quiet enough so that you can still carry on a conversation. I have a question for you now. I am looking for someplace cool, yet cheap to go on vacation in Florida. Beaches would be nice … It is so damn cold and cloudy here =( Any suggestions? Good luck tomorrow man! -Z

Nate, just a quick lineup of songs that would not be “good” icebreakers or coversation pieces for a date. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Liar- Rollins Band
  2. Sex Type Thing- STP
  3. Rape Me- Nirvana
  4. Die Die My Darling- The Misfits
  5. Used to Love Her- GNR
  6. Bad Obsession-GNR
  7. In The Mud- Marz
  8. Pantera- Five Minutes Alone

I’m sure there are more. Lata. And have FUN.

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Like a buddy of mine says, it’s not where you go or what you do, but who you go with. If you guys have good chemistry, even watching paint dry can be fun. I wouldn’t bother trying to engineer the perfect evening. I definitely think the cafe should be in the equation so you can talk.

MonkeyBoy, I agree. Outdoor, active stuff is the best thing. But being a Friday night, I doubt I can put something together like that. So the coffee place or putt-putt is an idea so far. If I can get her to come to the springs on Saturday, that would be the bomb, and we would have a blast. And she would see the monkey inside me! Yes, I know they call me Nate Dogg, but many have said I’m like a little monkey. And I tend to climb trees and jump off into the springs! As for music, I have kick-ass tunes in my car, so that wouldn’t be a problem. But the fact that I mainly listen to progressive/techno music may not work. It’s not often they have lyrics. But I do have my stash of “normal” cd’s that includes Dave Matthews Band (women love that cd!), Madonna, No Doubt, Depeche Mode and some other alternative stuff and 80’s. I’ll definitely avoid the cd’s you mentioned. Good thing I don’t listen to that kind of stuff anyway! :wink:

Zelkovich, I would love to go to a jazz club. Unfortunately, they don't have any around here. Otherwise, I would immediately go for that on a Friday night. I've been to one at Pleasure Island in Orlando. That totally kicked ass. I loved it! As for beaches, it depends on what you want. If you have plenty of money to spend, South Beach in Miami is cool as are the Keys. Otherwise, you have Daytona Beach (I don't care for Daytona), Cocoa, Vero and surrounding beaches (better than Gaytona), Jacksonville Beaches (Ponte Vedre!), Panama City Beach (not bad), Clearwater (near Tampa), and some beaches further south on the west coast like West Palm and Ft. Myers. I personally go to Crescent/St. Augustine. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes from Gville. It's a nice beach, not very packed, pretty low key. And it's a short ride to the historic city of St. Augustine. But if you're looking for partying, don't go there. As there are no dance clubs, only a few bars, and everything closes at 1am. So it depends on what you want to do. It is hella hot in Florida right now, so pretty much all the beaches will be nice. Hit me back, and I'll help you out.

And yes, of course I'll be myself on this date. I think she'll be pleasantly surprised when she gets to know me better. But I do want to have some good date ideas ready to go! :)

Keep it simple Nate. Have a relaxed evening in a cool coffee shop. Try to go somewhere where she won’t be distracted by loud music or whatever. Just you and her, quiet and relax. Talk talk talk, listen listen listen… no need to make the simple complicated

The “Gang O Babes” addressed this topic a few issues ago. Check it out if you missed it.

Hey Zelkovich where do you live in the city? I live in Roscoe Village, just wanted to see where the other T Men in the Chicagoland area are…where do you workout? also, where do you get Biotest products in the area??

LOL MB - that top 5 RULED. Nate - I just did a first date last night with a hella babe (6foot to my 5’9, 23 to my 30, size 8, models, runs 10 miles, wicked little but shaped biceps and quads into house and dancing - damn near fell in love there dawg). We just met at a local bar that plays house but had plenty of semi quiet areas to tak and pool tables and it was perfect because DJ runnin the tunes kept a flow. I had 3 wines and I regret to say it always makes a HUGE difference in breaking the ice. My strongest advice would be (1) mid week and the more casual the better otherwise it seems too much or a bit needy (2) get photos and have a slide show report here ;). Good luck bro.

Hmmm, Friday night date…There’s always the old stand by, Loading my girl and a case of Olde English 40’s into my '72 Ford pick-up, going to the dump and shooting seagulls.
Very romantic.

Nate Dogg I sure hope it works out Friday so you can take the girl tubing down the Itchetucknee Springs. That place is so much fun. I can’t believe how cold the water is considering how hot it is outside. Once she gets out of the cold water she will need a warm Dogg to warm her up.

Good call Dee, I second the slide show report…!

Dre, it sounds like you found yourself a winner! Bro, you need to keep me updated on that one! She sounds like a good one. I actually had a date tonight with someone else. Nothing big, we just went to the coffee place for a game of checkers and some conversation. We had a good time. I get the feeling she wants to bump uglies. So maybe I’ll oblige her. I’m actually more interested in the girl I met at the skating rink. She’s just my thing! So I hope that goes well. Oh yeah, my new roomie called tonight. She’s in town for orientation. She’s a hella hottie too! Timbo and Whopper know about her. We move into our new place in August, so we’ll chill together tomorrow afternoon for a little bit! And I’ll be sure to give a progress report (and pics) on my date for Friday!

Greg, I agree! Itchetucknee is loads of fun! I just hope we go. I have a feeling that a few people will have to work, and we might not make it out there. But I'm gonna work on making it happen. Especially if things go well Friday night. I'd love to have a second date with her the next day at the springs! Love is in the air.....LOL!

NateDogg, Your bro with the outdoor adventure plan makes alot of sense. Think about hiking, picknicking even going on a photo safari to take pictures of the great outdoors.

Make sure you get her to talk about herself and feel comfortable.
Here are some don’ts. Do not take her to watch My wife the ax murderer, pycho I or psychoII. Don’t talk about your ex girl friends, and Don’t discuss any current restaining orders on you or any of your family members. Relax you sound like you’ve got you shit together. Peace

Nate, I’m a little more basic than MB Eric. I once had the following conversation with a girl: Me: “You like music?” Her: “Yeah!” Me: “Me too. Wanna fuck?”

It actually works if you can pull it off with the right amount of wicked charm. Good luck!

Hey, Dogg. Finding someone special is rare; so from one Dawg to another: DON’T SCREW IT UP!!! (no pressure, huh?) A few points: 1) As Mac said, let her talk about her likes, hobbies, etc, AND SHOW TRUE INTEREST! 2) Be real humble about talking about yourself 3)No licking, darting or contusions of your tongue with a shit eatin’ grin on your face. (It is NOT “sexy”!) 4) Last but not least; never EVER begin a statement with, “…TC said in Atomic Dog number blah, blah, blah…”. Date OVER, man…date OVER!(smile!) LOL, and good luck, Dogg…!

Hey Char-dawg, not to bust your chops, but I gotta say there are a lot of Japanese girls that are easy to pick up. What attracted me to my wife was that she was not one of them. Maybe what I’m about write is old news to you, but the Japanese seem to have a fascination with foreigners, especially caucasians or blacks. If you are a foreigner from an Asian country, your success with the women drops substantially, the novelty factor just isn’t there. But if you are blonde and basically fit the Japanese stereotype of a westerner, then you can have a different poon every night. Pilots have it made (they have it made in any country). Also, a trend that was started a few years ago was going out with blacks. It started when girls past the age of 25, (derisively called “Christmas cakes” in reference to cakes sold during the weeks before Christmas which drop in price dramatically after December 25th) started to go out with blacks since most Japanese guys lose interest in them once girls are past that age. The practice became popular when it became known that black guys are fun to be around and of course there is that urban legend of their sexual prowess. The way a lot of Japanese guys are so uptight and sexist, it is hard to blame the girls. There are other cultural factors that make Japanese girls easy too. Japan has always been very liberal about sex. While China and Korea was under very strong sway of conservative Confucian ideas about sex, Japan largely was unaffected in that regard. A lot of American guys who are spoiled in Japan go to Korea to find that they often end up having to pay for sex. A lot of Korean girls have somewhat of a flipflop mentality of the Japanese girls. This is a very broad generalization, but Japanese girl tend to “looser” in her single days, but are faithful once married. Korean girls are hard to get when she is single, but once she is married, she tends to experiment with outside affairs. Probably a result of the suffocating conservative ethics. I find the Japanese attitude somewhat more natural and healthier. If I could go back to Japan as a single guy again, it would definitely be as a black dude. Just a general contempt that Koreans and Japanese have for each other made it hard for me, even though I was a handsome young buck with a hard body (even if I do say so myself ;-)). Often I had to lie and say that I was of Chinese extract (Japanese at least respect China) to get a girl to talk to me. Sometimes I’d invent a gimmick like, I grew up in the US of Chinese diplomat parents. Oh well. Whatever works, right? Take care Char-dawg.

Nate bro, I have to apologize to a fellow T-brother, and offer no advice for ya. As you are aware, with the Vixen it is going to be a VERY long dry spell…so by force of will, I have tried to shut down my hormonal urges…having done this fairly well, I find that I am kinda lacking in advice on how to persue the T-Vixennus…but this one sounds really cool…I wish you luck, but can’t offer any of the usual whopper advice due to the fact that I have shut down that section of my brain until December!! LOL!

Mufasa, you are correct, finding someone special is rare. So I will not screw it up! The only thing that I have to be careful of is the whole tongue thing and my perverted sense of humor or references to sex. I’ll be good! I swear! And I’ll update you on things! :slight_smile:

Hyok, maybe I should try to hook it up with some Asians! Seems like it wouldn't be too difficult from your experience and understanding of the culture. Interesting. Nah, if things go right with this girl, I'll be a hella happy mofo! :)

Hey Char-dawg, that's pretty good. But I don't want to screw things up with that line! Maybe if I was only interested in hitting it, then I would try it out! But I think she could be a real keeper!