First D-Bol Cycle

Yep. That’s right. I’m finally making the move, after about 2 years, from pro-hormones to AAS.

This will be my first cycle of d-bol, so, I have a couple of questions.

The beginner dose is 15-25mg/day, arguably split; and by arguably, some will take it in the morning, PWO, and before bed. That seems like a little much to me, so I think I will split it morning and PWO (as after gym time is bedtime anyway) at 10mg each.

I have 100 caps at 20mg each. So, realistically, I could:

  1. Run 3 beginner runs (with a break between, of course) of 4 weeks each.
  2. Run 1 beginner run at 20mg to get a feel of the substance, and possibly increase to 30mg towards the end as well as repeating the 2nd run after a break.
  3. Or, kick it off with an intermediate run from the start with 30-40mg for the 4 weeks * 2 (or 6 weeks).

I’m kinda leaning towards the 2nd option with my experience running 5 or 6 different PHs at multiple different (higher) dosings. Though, unsure that’d this be the best because it’s comparing apples and oranges.

Another question is liver support. As I thought I got scammed on this shipment, I failed to order the liver support on time. I know that I can get it within 5-10 days, and between now and then, I can run milk thistle (not even on the same playing field as NAC/Tudca/etc.). Will milk thistle keep me OK until it arrives or should I put it on pause until that’s here?

Before jumping to conclusions: I am on TRT @ 500mg test e/wk with a current aromasin dose of 25mg EOD and know how to feel out raising estrogen levels to know when I would (if I have to) dose more and have no plans for PCT as TRT is my PCT. Though, would it be handy to go grab a few pills of Nolvadex from the doc just in case nipple sensitivity pops up while I’m trying to maintain estrogen levels at its lowest?


Where does this get you to (bloods), I can almost guarantee this isn’t TRT, you should be making good enough gains on 500mg test. What PH’s have you taken in the past, are we talking legitimate prohormones or designer steroids? Liver support/ detox supps are reccomended, however 5 days with just milk thistle isn’t going to kill you. Is your doc prescribing you 500mgs of test and dbol? If so… Awesome… how’d you get your doc to agree to 500mg/wk?

Bloods are fine and this has been recently discussed in the TRT forum. I’m healthy as can be.

I’m unsure whether I can discuss brands, but I have taken pre-cursors to turnibol, DHEA, and designers such as Epi.

Always ran a NAC/Tudca with them with extended cycles (6-8 weeks) and at high doses.

Thanks. Never used milk thistle as I’ve learned that it was junk, to run through cycle at least. I’ll start off with this and then add the extra support when it arrives then.

Doc is prescribing 500mg test e, but the only legal steroid (pharma here) in Japan is primo tablets (injectable was pulled about 2 months ago due it not being shown to help osteoporosis, but, I did have a script for it as well, and can still get 5mg tabs). D-bol is not a pharma here, but AAS is legal (except for oils) and I can order in anything I want (and brew own, but syringes are another issue).

We started at 125mg every 2 weeks and then went to 125mg every week. It wasn’t helping. Went to 250mg every week. Asked to try 500mg to see the difference and it was night and day. Been on 500mg for about 6 or so months now.