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First D-bol Cycle, Side Effects?


starting my first cycle of d-bol what are some normal side effects to expect?also taking nolvadex and milk thistle with it.



Use test prop as a base 500mg a week (70-75mg ED) for 1-8
dbol 30-50mg ED for either 1-5 or 4-beginning of pct
adex .5mg eod 1-8 + taper off into pct

3 days after last shot, begin pct of nolva 40/40/20/20

do your shit right


Why would you take nolvadex WITH IT?

350mg of prop is enough for a first but 350-500 should be good. 500mg Enanth or cyp would be easier for a first cycle because of less pinning.

Oral only sucks. You can expect to lose your gains and waste your time and money. You may keep some. You may be one of the lucky ones that keeps most. But still, you will not keep it all


Why take something that you clearly haven't researched at all?


Retarded, how does it feel to be treated like a newb?
Ok heres the skinny bro, Dbol is a jumpstart for a cycle, so its not your base. You wouldnt want to use dbol in with testprop either, you usually use it to kickstart a longer estered testosterone because a short estered like prop, you will feel within the first week to week and a half. Second dont run nolva on this cycle at all, not even for pct. Here is a good sample cycle for you. I recommend it.

Test Enth or Cyp 400-500mgs/week broken into a twice a week injection, ie 200-250 monday same on thursday. Weeks 1-10
Dbol 30-50mgs daily weeks 1-5
Arimidex .5 mgs daily, you can find liquidex out there pretty cheap if you know where to look so dont be reluctanct to use it everyday, its only going to make you harder and retain less water and less estrogenic side effects. Run this up the 14th day after your last pin
Pct should look something like this
Clomid 50mgs daily weeks 1-4
Aromasin 12.5 EoD weeks 1-4

That is almost a perfect pct. Nolva doesnt stop estrogen production it just stops it from binding to certain receptors. Coming off of a cycle in which you used an AI which completely stops production you will have an estrogen rebound, thats why you use aromasin EoD. Clomid boosts your natural test back better than nolva so its a better choice on that end. Not a perfect cycle but you gotta find what you like, if you have any questions PM me, I wont treat you like a dumbass for asking a question about gear on a gear forum. Some of these steroid "Jesus's" crack me up.

Oh and Mr. walkway, you were a newbie once too, you werent born with all the answers about running an AAS cycle, why do you have to belittle someone seeking that same knowledge and then offer them your half assed knowledge with sarcasm? Just sayin bro......


lol you don't know shit bro. Test prop is a far superior testosterone to enth or cyp. Yeah sure I was a newbie once too but I did my research so I could avoid asking stupid questions. My first cycle proposition was absolutely flawless.

I don't reccomend what would be the most "comfy" to the user. I reccommend test prop with everyday shots over some bullshit like cyp or enth because it will give the user the greatest gains.

notice I suggested dbol either as a kickstart to a prop cycle or to be run to bridge to pct.. both options are sound advice as some people don't feel prop until the end of the first week, and due to dbol's short half life you can continue to be on aas while you are waiting for the prop to leave your bloodstream before pct.

Did you seriously bump this thread just to begin a conflict with me?


Whats the point in even proposing it then? I mean if you know it's flawless why ask people for their oppinion on it?


I posted it primarily to see if there was any detail I overlooked, and it turned out to be flawless. But i still post my cycles to get the vet's advice, to see if there would be anything they would add to them.

Instead of bumping this thread over and over, send me a PM if you have any more pointless questions.

Also robbie, clomid is not better than nolva..do some fucking research.


Yep, cause thats the only reason you would ever want to use d-bol...right?

Even though it would be more effective if you wait till the test kicks in.
Also for strength athletes peaking for an event it would be best to use it at the end.

the cycle you laid out was okay, but I bet your adex is underdosed if you need that much for 400-500mg test. .5mg ED is a lot. More is not better.
.25mg EOD is a good starting point. Raise it as needed. I don't really see anything over .5mg EOD being needed for 400-500mg test, and what if he was an adex over responder and started with what you suggested? That would have tanked his estrogen (if accurately dosed probably would whether he was an over responder or not) and left him with sides from that.

You had good intentions but that was pretty half assed advice as well.


That is what a SERM is... do you know what that stands for? In that aspect it works the same as clomid. The difference is nolva acts anti-estrogenic at the pituitary, and clomid acts estrogenic

Why not just keep using adex? Why fuck with 2 compounds? An AI should not TOTALLY stop estrogen production, if it does then you are taking too much. There is an optimal E2 range.

Nolva can do the same with respect to raising test as clomid, on a much lower dose.


I thought you were being sarcastic when you said this the first time.

Its simply and completely wrong.

Testosterone is testosterone.

If youre going to yell at people you better be 100% right with what youre saying or else you look rather silly.


Wouldn't you agree that on a ml per ml basis assuming both compounds are dosed at the same concentration, test prop would yield better results than enth or cyp as it contains more test as opposed to ester?

I don't know it made sense in my head..

i mean isn't test prop like 83 parts test and enthan like 69? The math adds up but...maybe im the retard


You def get more test per mg with prop, like ~15 mg more test per 100mg. So at 500mg of each per week you'd be getting 75mg more actual TESTOSTERONE with prop. Not a tremendous amount, but it adds up. Also an 8 weeker of prop is going to give you better results than 10 weeks of cyp or enth because you get 7ish weeks of strength and mass gains as opposed to 5-6. Plus it's easier to recover from because you aren't shut down as long.

I still prefer cyp or enth because a) I'm not a masochist and prefer 2x week injections and b) with my source even with the disparity in molecular weights cyp or enth are still much cheaper per mg of test.


Erm, yeah. that extra ten percent testosterone is going to double your gains from 20 to 40 pounds. Thats why no-one buys long estered test anymore, that shit just leaves you looking small and weak. I hear they are going to stop making it in china since there just isn't any demand for it anymore.

Note: If anyone reads this and agrees with me, slap yourself at the back of the head as hard as you can, and learn how to read.


Weird..I didn't actually say any of that..

Well anyways, the math confirms my suspicions..on a mg for mg basis test prop is the superior testosterone as it contains more testosterone..


Wrong again. On a MILLIGRAM to MILLIGRAM basis they are exactly the same. 10mg of testosterone is 10mg of testosterone.

Look I understand what youre saying. THat you choose 500mg of test prop ester you get more testosterone than 500mg of test enanthate ester.

In the real world the extra 15mg/100mg creates a negligible difference. There are many other reasons to choose a specific ester. Prop costs more. Has to be injected more often. Causes many people unnecessary pain. Comes in a lower concentration necessitating larger injection volumes which inherently creates a great risk for abscess.

I dont buy the 'extra weeks of muscle gain' theory either. Frontloading enanthate will get the blood levels up to peak value within a few days.

There are plenty of good reasons to use prop but to say it gives the best gains is just your opinion. Its not even close to a fact. And I have no idea why you would call cyp or enanthate 'bullshit'. I actually lol'd.


Why arent you recommending Testosterone suspension then? It is 100% testosterone. OMG ITZ TEH SUPERIOR TESTOSTERONEZZ


Idk I suppose you are right. I think that cyp and enth are bs cause without a frontload don't they take like 5 weeks to be noticed? A compound that is felt once your cycle is halfway over assuming you are doing a standard 10 weeker? I would call that some bowlshit but that's just me.

I would reccomend test suspension but isnt that optimally shot like twice a day? I think that would be unreasonable for most.


Are you asking me? Shouldnt you know perfectly well (at least as applied to yourself) how medium esters affect you before claiming they are 'bullshit'?

How many cycles have you done with either or the other?


And why the hell was this thread bumped??? OP has one post. Hes not here anymore. What the hell is going on