First Cycles?

I’m addressing this mostly to the 3 guys that seem to post the most here (BBB, cyco, and MK) but anyone else who would like to share, please by all means do so.

What I was wondering was what/when were your first cycles? How did you respond? What type of training did you use before/during/after to maximize/keep gains? Thanks in advance for willingness to share.

Oh, and let me clarify, yes I am only 18, but have no intention to use steroids for at least another 5-6 years and this has been a topic of great interest for me.

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First cycle wal d-bol and deca. I know, what was I thinking. I wasn’t!! I did gain about 17 pounds. I used no anti-e through out but did finish off with about 20 days of clomid. I ended up keeping about 6 pounds all said and done. Good news was no deca dick.

hey, good post! i was actually gonna start a thread here for the newer folk…

anyway, my first was test enanthate. there area couple things i did wrong, and i couple i did right. i had been training heavy for about 7 years, and had plateaued for about 2. i used test @ 400 mg/wk for 8 weeks. i gained a ton of weight on my bench-from 295 to 360. also, i did not drink any alcohol while i was on the cycle, and let my roommates know what was up, and if i had any weird medical issue they were aware.

however, at the time i just had a big breakup with my GF at the time, and had no appetite. i lost almost 25 lbs because of this (but ironically the cycle still made me strong as hell-bench 360 @180 lbs!). also, i did use an anti-e (or even have one on hand), but i didn’t have any issues there. or do a real PCT…at the time…getting anti-e’s and Clomid was hard as hell in my area. at the end of the cycle i did some really high dose Tribuls supplementation…not the best route.

regardless, i retained all my sterngth gains from the cycle and stayed pretty cut.

in retropsect, i would’ve added Proviron to the cycle, and had Nolva or Clomid for PCT.

I had trained for roughly 4.5yrs. Ran test enth at 750mgs/wk for 12 weeks. Threw winny in at 350mg/wk for the last 5.

The good? Had EVERYTHING I needed to run this, all drugs, pins, pct drugs, you name it. Had planned pretty good, the dose was high but I take a ton of everything and wanted a response. Gained 33lbs with minimal water retention.

The bad? Right after I came off I began a new job which took up a TON of my time, as a result my trainging and diet slacked and that is when it should be at it’s peak. I only ended up keeping about 15lbs. Also, overtrained badly. I was in the gym 6 days a week for 2 hrs a day. After 7 weeks everything hurt.

Please keep the frame of mind you have, wait at least 4 or 5 years before you start. Your results from this stuff will be much better.


Also, are ancilliaries (nolva, clomid, a-dex) illegal like steroids?

And I heard/read that HCG is suppressive to the HPTA, and thought it makes sense since obviously if HCG is present than the testes already have the messenger they need. They then went on to say that HCG should only be used to treat fertility problems and to reverse testicular atrophy as you do not want further suppression in PCT.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my first rodeo w/ aas was a 5 week cycle of 30mg dianabol ONLY along w/ 10mg nolvadex/d…I gained about 10lbs. of lbm and kept bodyfat at the same level. After the cycle I ran 100mg clomid/d for 4 weeks, and still weighed ~230. I began the cycle at 218lbs. 7%fat and had been training for 4 yrs since the age of 16. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that I probably had a good 12-15lbs. of natural muscle that I could have added w/out aas, but I had just done my first show in the npc teen div. as a natural and placed 3rd out of 15. It was quite obvious that the guys who beat me had some assistance and if I wanted to take things to the next level, I’d need aas. HOpefully this info. will help people learn from our mistakes.


weeks 1-8: sustanon (i know, i know) 500 mg/wk
weeks 1-5: 20 mg d-bol ED

nolva @ 10 mg EOD throughout

pct was clomid in the old-school 300/100/50 protocol with TRIBEX.

gained 19 pounds…kept about 11 with not much bodyfat increase (maybe 1%). pct was horrible, i will never frontload clomid again. and i allowed my calories to dip a little during that time. the first few are learning experiences. all the theory and “rules to live by” do not necessarily apply. every individual is different and you eventually learn what works best for you.

I was 20 and only weighed 150-155 pounds max. I used 6 prefilled Sostenon 250, 5 2ml vials of Deca,50 tabs of D-bol. I ate and worked out like crazy and went upto 195lbs in less than 2 months. I used 20 tabs of clommid for my PCT. nothing during my first cycle. I used 1 Sostenon and 1 vial of Deca a week,and took about 1 tab of D-bol a day. Sure most of it was fat and water but I got bigger and that was all I was looking for. Hey I was young and dumb. My last cycle in 1999 was Testostrona by Brovel. I used 4-5 cc’s a week but I messed up real bad and that’s a different story.
My next cycle will probably a short and simple one I plan in the end of this year