First Cycles

I want to star with saying I feel the bottles I had were undersized at they were 300 opposed to the traditional 200. Before I had started pinning I was 163lbs very lean and very ripped. I started with a test cyp cycles at 500 a week . split between Sunday and Wed. Like I said the shots were probably underdosed.

I had / have nolva on hand for pct, And anaztrozole for any aromatization.I didn’t really feel a difference until until weeks 3-4. After that it was on. Training 2 a days everyday hitting every body part 2 a week . 185 bench to 275 and 225 squat to 365. All in the 3 -5 rep range. I began addicted to deadlift, and was soon Hitting 405 on the same rep range.

Every time I got in the scale I was going up and recovery time was almost non existent. As for side effects I don’t feel like I had any besides breaking out on my shoudlers. I ran a 12 week cycle and moved up to 186 lbs at 8.7 bf% . I’m not 100 % sure on the bf% it was just a 4 point with a caliper. Now with my pct. I had none I had everything on hand but for some reason felt I would be fine without it , and I was . everything was in check I did feel a bit sluggish coming off but I did not stop training . 3 months after my last pin everything was still great still strong maitained 183 lbs and kept ALL STRENGTH. I’m not on my 2nd cycle same test cyp but have gone up to 600 a week split between Sun and Wed. I am now currently 190.4 and not sure of the bf% . I have a goal of 205 I’m sure I will meet it by the end of the year.

This is not a steroid forum.

You are an idiot for not doing PCT and you may end up here later with a broken HPTA.

So what’s the point of your post, OP?

[quote]KSman wrote:
This is not a steroid forum.

You are an idiot for not doing PCT and you may end up here later with a broken HPTA.[/quote]
We don’t want him either haha.

Whats the point of this post? Yea 500-600 test C will get you gains duh… No Ana or Armi and no bitch tits great for you… But unless blasting & cruising PCT just makes sense… Otherwise you will fuck up your shit… Also IMO too many bros just pin a bunch of shit and forget to have dex or ana not to mention hcg… So they end up with baby nuts, zits, and bitch tits… It makes no sense being diesel with those things… Part of the fun of being jacked is getting laid chicks dont dig guys with moobs FYI