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First Cycle


Hey, I am planning on starting my first cycle in a month or so, I'm 19 years old, 20 in feb. 5'10" 208 lbs. I have been bodybuilding for 6 solid years now. Max bench is 350 (in competition) at 212 lbs, about 5 months ago. Max deadlift is 515, max squat is 455. I have been at a plateau for a good 6 months now. I have tried to GVT training to give me a kick start for the past month, havn't noticed a lot. I have tried a lot of supplements, currently I am doing a cycle of t-bomb II, seems to be alright but still not much.

Right now I am looking at doing a a cycle of prop, 100 mg EOD for 10 - 12 weeks and 50 mg ED of d-bol for the first 3-4 weeks for a good kick start. PCT I'll probably go with chlomid or t-bomb II. Any suggestions would be very usefull.


Never use OTC supps for PCT, that is just asking for trouble. I won't mention the age thing because I know if you have decided to do a cycle, it isn't going to change your mind. Just be careful with your endocrine system.


Don't know enough about you, but I would say you are probably too young to start, regardless of your impressive stats, if true. You should have plenty of gas left in the tank. I say this as the guy in your avatar, if that is you, looks pretty lean. Do you bulk up? Get above 12% bodyfat? What do you eat? Tell us more about what you are presently doing and the advice you get will be of much higher quality.

And what the hell is t-bomb II? And why can you do it now and after a cycle of AAS?


I also think you are a little young to start but you have descent experience and good stats, in the end it is your choice. Your cycle is a good for a first. One suggestion that I might make is why not run test e or cyp. It would make your injection schedule a lot easier.

Also, do not use an OTC sup for PCT. Use either a test taper or clomid/nolv. If training and diet are on point than you can expect this to be a very good first cycle.


Yes the stats are %100 true, I have a video of the bench I will upload in a couple weeks, thats when I'll be on the computer that has it saved on. My body fat % is around 12-14% right now, last winter it was up to %20 when I was bulking, I was weighing 226 lbs.

Diet is in check except too much beer haha. Morning I will have a protein shake and toast with pb and big glass of milk. Throughout the day I will usually go to subway and get a footlong double turkey sandwich and eat 6" around 11 and the other 6" at 1. Supper I usually have potatoes and steak, chicken or ground beef. and then hit the gym around 7, another protein/L-glutamine shake around 9 on my way home from the gym.

I am taking your suggestion 2thepain and I think I'm going to go with test E instead with 250 mg shots on mon/thurs for 10 weeks and d-bol starting at 30 mg a day and moving it up to 50 mg a day after 3 days for 3-4 weeks. PCT will be chlomid and nolvadex starting 3 weeks after cycle has ended. Anything else I should look at taking?


Okay. You sound good to go if you are determined to do so. You do sound like you know what you are doing. Your cycle sounds pretty good too, the revised one moreso. I agree with your keeping dbol low to see how the sides affect you. Why not extend the enth 2 more weeks? Good luck.


I don't mean to sound like a jerk here, buddy but.. at 5'10 208lb, a 350lb bench isn't all that impressive.

I haven't maxed in a year, but I was knocking out 305 for reps at 180lb.


Also, I like the tatt. Are you going to fill it in?


If there is any hope to talk you out of the cycle, please don't you are on top of your game naturally. I'd trade all the drugs in the world for your current composition.


Cortes, if the cycle is going good I most likely will extended it for the 2 more weeks, thank you for the advice.

Contrl, everyone at the competition seemed to think it was impressive, new comp. record for 19 and under and I pushed it fairly easy, I could have gotten over 360 I'd say, had no trouble at all at 350, I never do max bench, spur of the moment to enter the competition, I went 330, 340, 350 because I wanted to get the lifts up to count, if I went 350 right away my first lift and didn't get it I couldnt go back down. How old were you when you were benching 305 for reps at 180? I currently get 8 reps of 305. Were you taking anything?

And thanks about the tattoo, I am getting it filled in, I just got the outline done last saturday. I'm attaching a picture that is very similar to how its gonna turn out, lots of work to go yet. Atleast 3 more sittings.


I think I was 20 at that point. Maybe 21, I'm not sure. I really only started working out at 18, so I had a slow start ( I was also all-natural).

I definitely like the design on that tatt, though. I have a full sleeve myself, I just keep being too broke to afford the other arm.


I do want to emphasize that I do not endorse this undertaking. I think you should wait at least 2 or 3 more years. There is the definite chance, even likelihood, that you are not actually at your peak, and that you are going to fuck up your natural test (which seems to be high anyway) permanently, in addition to possibly arresting your (bone) growth, as you have no way of truly knowing if you are finished growing.


I'm going to back up Cortes on this one. John, you are in your PRIME. You've got at least 5 more years of high testosterone/GH that your body is making for you FOR FREE.
You sound like you know what you're doing in the weight-room and nutrition-wise, so you're already WAY ahead of the game. When I was 20 years old, I didn't have a clue how LUCKY I was. I weighed in at a thick 230-235 lbs. and I was only lifting maybe twice a week without a plan, and a mostly carbohydrate diet. Shit, I was so ignorant I didn't even know the difference between a carbohydrate, a protein, and fat.
See how far you can REALLY push your body before you start using AAS.

Good luck either way,