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First Cycle


Sup guys i've been liftng for 7 years
I just turned 23 im 6' 225 lbs.. i plan to start my cycle as soon as i get to 205 lbs
im thinking about taking Testosterone Ethanate 500mg for 10-15 weeks
what do you guys think? i will also be eating around 7.000 calories of clean food
for post cycle i will be running clomid and nolvadex


From here you sound good to go. I believe 12 weeks is standard. What else do you want to know?


Sounds like all systems are GO to me, man.


Sorry, I'm a bit confused. You said you are 225 but plan on starting your cycle when you reach 205. It is probably a typing error.
Anyway, a good first cycle would be 500mg/week teste for 12 weeks. For PCT I favor a test taper, but conventional PCT is still an option. Make sure you have nolv on hand before you start, just in case. Your first cycle will be great, you'll be glad you waited, enjoy.


thanks for the input guys.... i did a shot today with nothing in it just to get the hang of injecting, it went great...didnt feel any pain...but im sure once the real stuff is in there ill feel something

2thepain... i'm at 225 right now but i wanna lose 20 lbs of fat before starting the cycle...ill probably be down to somewhere around 8-9 % BF at 205


oh and i forgot to ask if its better to split the shots at 250mg each or just take one 500mg


a shot with nothing in it? please explain, did you just sink a needle into yourself; or did you inject air into your muscle?


i would say split the doses; what do the other guys have to say?


You'll have more steady hormonal levels if you split the shots up. Basically you can expect less sides.


Why are you running Clomid AND Nolvadex for PCT?