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First Cycle


Gentlemen, please critique my intended cycle. I little background.

I?m 5?9? and weight 205 with around 18 body fat. I am 39 years old. I am been training steady for the last three years and off and on for 10. My diet is 80 percent clean, and I do better with low daily carbs (less than 150 grams). I feel that that if I?m even going to try a cycle, now is a good time, age wise. My primary focus is strength with no more than a 10 pound weight gain. If a reduction in body fat occurs, it is seen as an added benefit. My current PR are; squat 505 (briefs, wraps, belt), dead lift 475 (belt) and bench 305 (no shirt).

Here is the cycle? Testosterone Enanthate 500mg per week, and Deca Durabolin 400mg per week, four week duration. Then next four weeks Winstrol (Stanozolol) 200mg per week and Anavar (Oxandrolone) 30mg per day. I will be taking Nolvadex daily for the entire 8 weeks, plus an additional 3 weeks after last injection of Winstrol. I will also use Clomid, starting 21 days after last injection and lasting 3 weeks.


I would restucture this cycle for sure. Only taking test e and deca for 4 weeks isn't going to do much for you. give me a list of what you've got on hand and we will try to come up with somthing better,


  • 4 weeks of test E and deca is too short of a duration. 8 of deca with 9 of test E would be better.

  • waiting 3 weeks to start clomid therapy after your last winny inject is wayyyyyy too long.

maybe restructure you cycle something like this:

weeks 1 & 2: 1000 mg Test E, 800 Deca
weeks 3-8: 500 mg Test E, 400 Deca
week 9: 500 mg test E
weeks 8-13: var @ 40 mg ED

forget the winny

nolva is ok during cycle to prevent some bloating and combat gyno...but an AI is more beneficial...either a-dex or letro at a moderate dose.

pick nolvadex or clomid for your PCT....and begin on week 14. with clomid, something like 100 mg ED for 2 weeks followed by 50 mg ED for 1 week will work fine. with nolva something like a 40/40/20 would be ok. or you could go the route Mikekatz takes and do 2 weeks of clomid followed by 2 weeks of nolva.

some things to consider bro. good luck.


I would run the test two weeks past deca, as deca hangs around for a while.


Thanks, for the input. I researched Anastrozole, it is seems to have a higher degree of potential side effects. Have you or do you know people who have experienced the side effects? Also, the price is higher than the cost of the actual steroids. Is this accurate?


Good advice.This is a good base for a first timer.It's hard to beat the old bread and butter.Good gains can be expected....... provided the nutrition is in check.Low liver tox is also a plus.

Good Swole,


It's the law of supply and demand. Everyone wants A-dex. British Dragon do their own version which is a little cheaper, but you're still talking $280 (160GBP) for 50 tabs.

Does no-one use proviron these days during a cycle as an anti-e? Or am I just too old skool?:slight_smile:


I agree with juice on all but 2 issues.

  1. My opinion is that if you are going to use a longer esters such as an enanthate and a decanoate - you need to run it 12-13 weeks. 8-9 weeks is too short.

  2. I am not a fan of frontloading. If you can get some - kick start your cycle with test prop 100mg eod for 4 weeks.

Just my opinion.

In a perfect world - I would have you run test only for your first cycle. No need to get all fancy the first time. 12 weeks of 500mg Test E is a great cycle all on it's own.


Sounds like you have been buying shit from A-G Guys (I don't care who you are - that was funny). Oral liquid Adex is 5 times cheaper than the tabs.


LOL. No it was from Pharma, and yes they're bloody expensive, but its a great service and the tabs are legit from Zeneca. PM me with the URL for the liquid if that's cool.