First Cycle

First post I am 33yrs young and been into powerlifting for about 12 years. Just recently started my first cycle, which consists of Omndren 250, 1cc test cyp.weekly and 10mg d-bol daily. Any Info on this cycle would helpful

There’s not a lot of point in using both cyp and sust at the same time. Really I’m not a fan of sust because you need to inject EOD for stable blood levels but it takes the same time to clear your system prior to PCT as something like cyp/enanthate. If I were you I’d drop the sust and just move to cyp and enjoy only needing to inject twice a week.

I’d also up the dose of d-bol to 30mg-50mg/day in divided doses. It’s got a half life of ~5hrs so divided doses will provide better results than single doses and 30mg will definitely give you better results than 10mg.

Although with the d-bol and test you might need some sort of AI or AE.


I’m not trying to be an ass but I’m wondering if you really did any research on this.

10mgs of dbol/day is what alot of people use for PCT. Mixing sust and cyp doesn’t make much sense.

Here is an example of a good first cycle

500mgs test-e/week
400mgs EQ/week
40mgs dbol/week for the first 4 weeks.

Have some arimidex on hand and certainly don’t start this up without some clomid on hand to wrap it up with.


test is test…so cyp and sust will work…but it is very far from ideal! like has been mentioned, you must inject EOD with sust for stable levels, E3D minimum. it also has a longer wait time to start PCT due to its super long esters…we’re talking about 4 weeks after your last injection. my suggestion, drop the sust…up the cyp dosage.

your d-bol dosage is low. you will do just fine with 20-25 mg ED… in didvided doses as already suggested.

two AAS which aromatize means you better have some a-dex or letro included in your cycle plans, or have some nolva handy. what are your PCT plans like?