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First Cycle

Hey everyone. I’m going on my 1st cycle very soon. I’m 22, 5’11, 180, 12%bf. Here’s what I was thinking of doing considering what I have:
Week#1: 300mg t-cyp, 200mg d-bol, 100mg win.
Week#2: 300mg t-cyp, 100mg d-bol, 200mg win.
week#3: 200mg t-cyp, 100mg d-bol, 300mg win
week#4: off
weeks 5-6: consisting of win. and primo??
I know I need clomid but how much? Someone help!! Bill Roberts!! Anyone!!!

Disclaimer: I’ve never juiced. That said, 1. it’s usually recommended to double the inject in the first week. 2. You’re using 28.6mg of d-bol/day? How and why? I’d drop the d-bol to 20/mg/day, many first time users have complained of sides over that amount. 3. why take week 4 off? you still have plenty of cyp in your system, so it will still supress your endogenous t-production 4. why not just do 6 wks of the cyp and use winny and/or primo at the end (wks 7&8)? .02

oh yeah, the clomid… 50mg eod during and 150/100/50 ed (that is week 1/2/3) after last inject (if you go with the shorter acting, if you go straight off from the cyp, wait a week (continue 50mg/eod) then do the 150/100/50.

Well t, I really want to try Brock Strasser’s 3 weeks on 1 off, 2 weeks on, 3 off cycle because I definitely want to minimize size effects. So with that being said, maybe I should double the T inject the first week, cut it in half the second, and not take any the 3rd. All the while stay on 20 mg D-bol a day. Then on weeks 5 and 6 go with the winny and/or primo? What about that? Anyone else out there have suggestions? BROCK OR BILL!!

I don’t remember the strasser article, but I do remember the S-files article with a 3 on 1 off 2 on 3 off strategy… I know that the last day of injection for long-half life test was day 7… after that if was just prop and durabolin (not deca). I think that you need these to get a sufficiently high dose in weeks 2 and 3. What you’re know suggesting is tantamount to doing a 1 week on, 1 week sorta on 1 week of just enough for suppression and then one week off. I really think, given the drugs at your disposal, I would just go straight through (I have friends that have gone close to the gram/week level, on cycles that last 2 months and no anti-e’s-including clomid- and have had 0 sides. Perhaps ball shrinkage, but they said that they dropped back after being off for just a few weeks). I think that at the levels you quoted, you’d be fine with a longer cycle, in fact, I bet it would have a better benefit:side effect ratio than what you’re currently proposing.

Just to reiterate, this is all congecture based on what I’ve read elsewhere.