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First Cycle

This is my proposed first cycle. I have plenty of test and dbol, and I made my tren from a fina kit with more supplies on the way for more. I will do the tren ed at 75mg/day. I may also add arimidex at .5mg/ed, though I’m not sure if I will need it. Any advice is welcome.

Week & Dosages
1 1000mg test/20mg dbol/525mg tren
2 500mg test/20mg dbol/525mg tren
3 500mg test/20mg dbol/525mg tren
4 500mg test/20mg dbol/525mg tren
5 500mg test/525mg tren
6 500mg test/525mg tren
7 500mg test
8 500mg test

Week 10-
300mg clomid(Mon)
250mg clomid(Tu)
200mg clomid(Wed)
150mg clomid(Th)
100mg clomid(Fr)
50mg clomid(remainder of 30 days)

looks real good bro! you might want to start off with the a-dex at .5 eod and access your tolerance from there. too little estrogen is a bad thing too.

also, why are you stopping the tren early? i would run it all the way through.

P-dog has a point. I realize you are probably stopping the tren either because your supplies run out or because you are afraid of suppresion. Well Tren has a 1-1.5 day half life so there is no need to worry about it hanging around your system long after you d/c use. The test if it is a propinate, enantate, or cypinate, ester will last longer. If your cycle is structured this way because you are shorter on tren, then I would begin the tren on week 3- end of 8. This will allow it to exert its affects at the same time that the test is begining to reach high enough concentrations in your body that it is having an effect. P-22

I’d continue the tren to the very last day, and discontinue the test where you stopped the tren (at week 6). The tren will be out of your system fast, but the test will tend to stick around if you’re not using a short-acting ester (anything but prop). I don’t know why you’d drop the tren in anycase.

yes the reason I was cutting the tren short is because I wont have enough for the entire time. i guess it would be more appropriate to add it at week 3 and continue until 8. if i do that should i cut the test at week 6 or 7? also thanks to merlin for helping me with a lot of my questions through pms, and thanks to eveyone else for the replies and knowledge gems. Ive been a lurker for a while now.

I would just go to the end of your cycle with the tren. P-22