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first cycle


okay ive done some research and i was wondering what you guys think of this for a first cycle. 250mg of sustenon 250 per week for 6 weeks possibly with novaldex during the cycle or is it too low of a dose to worry about. And clomid post cycle. Or would it be more worth while to bump it up to 500mg per week? Maybe add dianabol to it as well for the initial week or two for a quick boost?


IMO you should front load with 1g of the test the first week then go with 500mg per week for at least 6 weeks. 8 weeks would be even better. Use the dbol the first 4 weeks at 20-30mg per day and you should have a nice first cycle.


Honestly, you really should probably learn to gain muscle naturally before you juice up. I'm not trying to be an assh*le but I saw your pictures you posted, and you look like you could easily put another 20lbs on naturally.
IMHO you don't need steroids to drastically change your physique. If you use them, you'll be using them as a crutch rather than assistance.


Here's what I've studied for my first 8 week cycle for putting on some muscle mass: sustanon 500mg a week, primoteston 250mg a week. Nolvadex 10 mg a day either the whole 8 weeks or start like the 2nd or 3rd week and finish off with clomid weeks 8,9,10 at 50mg a day.
Stats 6'1" 182 around 10%bf 26yrs and about 10 yrs lifting on/off, not planning on cycling anytime soon but I want to get advice for when the time comes. thanks



I gotta agree with Archaic. I checked out your pics and you look good, but definitely have some room left for 15-20 natural pounds. You should be able to do that in 6 months with good training and massive eating. Then when you start juicing, you'll be much happier in the long run.

As far as your first cycle, I'd go at least 400mg/wk, 200mg is just replacement level.


thanks for the info guys. Isnt 1g of test a lot especially for a first cycle? Or do you usually throw a lot for a frontload. I agree with you archaic those are actually my plans right now. Im making steady progress so im waiting a couple of years to let my natural test levels do their things. By then i should be be comfortably over 200. Im at 174 right now and continually going up:D. I was stuck at 165 for almost a year but i found this forum and have drastically changed my diet to eating every two hours etc and have put on almost ten pounds in less than two months. Just cant wait to get the massive gains from juice thats all.


dont you have to wait for a month or so until the sust. is out of your system to start on clomid?


I'm with Archaic.

I'm 5'8" 190 in the high single digit bf%, and I know that I could put on more mass without AAS.