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first cycle

i wanted to post my upcoming cycle for comments/advice.

i’m 27 years old, 6’2", 210 lbs, 9-10% bf and have been training for 7 years. this will be my first cycle.

weeks 1-4: d-bol @ 25 mg ED (divided doses)
weeks 1-10: sust @ 500 mg/week (1 gram frontload…inject on mondays and thursdays)

Anti-E: nolva @ 10 mg ED throughout

PCT: Clomid staring on week 13 following the 300/100/50 dosing protocol . tribex and creatine daily through pct.

i’m hoping to gain 15-20 maintainable pounds.

what do you guys think? comments/critiques are appreciated.


I did a similar cycle for my first. But added EQ and got/have the gains you are looking for. Tren would work better, but the ed injections might be a bit of a pain for your first run. Or you might become a sick fuck like the rest of us and start to really enjoy it. LOL! Otherwise it looks good.

Very good first cycle. I can see you have done your homework and decided to keep things simple. The cycle is pretty straightforward and the PCT looks pretty basic. Not much I can add here.

yup, looks solid. i would like to see tren. it really is worth shooting ED. your strength would be outragous. great first stack. anti-e may be a little lite. just monitor yourself. if you feel bloated or nips get tender just bump it up to 20mgs/ed. pct is fine.

Obviously you’ve put some thought into it, which is good. It might be a little on the long side for a first cycle, you’ll probably have all the gains you need in 6-8 weeks if you eat right. Going beyond that just makes recovery more difficult.

Like Wideguy said, EQ would be a good, synergystic addition, maybe do like 300-400 Test, 200 EQ. I’d also consider switching from Sust to Test Enanthate, but that’s just personal preference.

I agree with what was said before. Tren or equipoise would make your cycle even more solid, however for a first cycle what you have planned doesn’t look bad at all.

I don’t think you need to add tren or equipoise for this cycle - they are both really suppressive for one, and for two you’ll do just fine with what you have- good luck bro!

Ok, i’ll be “that one guy that always has to dissagree” So just bear with me here=0)

Very basic cycle, not very well structured. A 10 week cycle, with only 4 weeks stacked?? Sounds good in theory, but does not work that well. Although everyone is different. According to your post, 15-20lbs of maintainable mass is what you want. I don’t see that being easily attainable with those doses, if attainable at all. I’m being 100% realistic here and am going off of real world experiences and data from results i’ve seen from many others i’ve set cycles up for…as well as myself.

My first suggestion is to cut the cycle at 8 weeks. You should easily make all your gains in 6-8 weeks on a proper cycle with nutrition and training in check. Basic Options would be to Increase the amount of dbol and test used per week, or stack another injectable. I don’t reccomend trenbolone if this is your first cycle. And Equipose is NOT a suppressive androgen, even at higher doses for the majority of people and thats why I reccomend it. Anti-E may be a little too low. Side effects will become noticeable if it is. Like I said before, everyone is different. But i’m being realistic with the goal in mind.

thanks for the replies.

i was considering shortening this cycle to 8 weeks before i posted, and it seems the general consensus that it would be wise to do this.

i do want to keep it rather basic for my first time, although it seems some think i should add another injectable like EQ (tren and ED injects just aren’t appealing to me being a newbie). what dosage of EQ would you guys reccomend per week. i’m able to get 200 mg/ml EQ.

i realize the nolva may be a little low. from what i’ve seen on this forum and elsewhere nolva dosing suggestions range from 20 mg ED to keeping it “on hand” until symptoms appear. i figured 10 mg ED would help with bloat and be at least somewhat preventative for gyno…of course i have enough nolva to bump up the dosages.

thanks for all your input.

Tren freak: Equipoise is a suppressive androgen when used in short cycles. This is d/t its long half life which makes it I feel unsuitable for short cycles d/t its slower acting ester keeping it around longer in your body post cycle.