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First Cycle

I’m going to do my first cycle and i’ve decided on trenbolone and winstrol. But I dont know how much of each to take. I was thinking trenbolone as an injectable and winstrol daily in tablet form. Could anybody direct me on how much to take. I would prefer dosages that would be considered midline or low dosage. I’m 5’8, 140lbs and 20 years old. Would appreciate any help i can get, thanks.



Are you kidding?

Have you tried eating more than maintenance calories, combined with heavy weight training?

How many years lifting?

In my opinion, you better be pretty damn impressive strengthwise/sizewise before ever thinking of touching AAS.

I can’t imagine 5’8" and 140lbs impressive.

Tren as an injectable? Do some more research. Also when you come back with a more seriously composed and well thought out cycle, post your stats ie. yrs training goals ect.

i recomend that you first do a 2 year cycle of steak and potatoes!