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First cycle

Im getting ready to start my first cycle of Oxymetholone - Anadrol. Since this will be my first cycle Ive decided not to stack it with anything. Because of the stress to the liver my cycle will be 4 weeks. My question has to do with the dose per day. Im a 180 lbs male looking for good results but dont want to risk my health to the extent of liver problems. The gear comes in 100 tabs of 50mg. With the cycle I have considered taking Clomid. People have suggested taking it during the cycle and others say not to take it until after the cycle. Whats your take on this matter as well as the dosage of Clomid.

if you are concerned about your liver, why are you using a 17-aa steroid?

chances are you wont keep much of what you gain on anadrol alone. i would add winny in there. run 50-100mgs/ed each. winstrol is good for countering some of the progestagenic side effects from anadrol, as well. i like anadrol as it is one of the hardest hitting, most potent steroids on the market. but, i would never use it alone. it can also have some nasty sides so be cautious.

You wont need clomind during the anadrol, but will for post cycle. Also, dont run this alone, add some winny to it.

I’d finish highschool before doing a “cycle” like that.

Like Drago1 said, that will leave you with nothing but side effects.