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First Cycle


Hey guys, first time poster on this site. Just looking for some advice on my first cycle.

-WEEKS 1-6: 1ml (450mg) Stealth Super Test / 2ml (500mg) Stealth Equipoise / 30mg BP Dianabol Every Day and 10mg Nolvadex Every Day

-WEEKS 7-10: 1ml (450mg) Stealth Super Test / 2ml (500mg) Stealth Equipoise Every Week and 10mg Nolvadex Every Day

Weight 174
Height 6’ 0"
18 y/o
Body fat % ???


Train for 5 more years and gain 30lbs below 15% and then come back



18 is WAY too young to mess with gear. At that age your pretty close to high T levels anyway, your GH at this point is so high if your diet and training is right you can be pretty much on gear. Training and nutrition come first, Gear is for experienced, older.


I don’t think it is fair to say that age as an independent factor is a make or break decision. I think not knowing how to eat or train is a major red flag. Along with not even having a guess at BF%. I think there are probably more than a few 18 year olds dealt a shitty hormone hand. I also think that taking AAS is a big decision and there should be a good reason.

That being said diet and training should be on point so if you list your lifts and training history as well as an honest diet that would help a lot.