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First Cycle


Hello guys I'm 22 years old been hitting the gym since I was 14, it feels like I'm on a max of getting stronger. Today's prs bench 130kg squat 180kg and deads 230. My bodyweight is 93kg and I'm 183cm tall.

I've been reading a lot about taking a first cycle with test e 250 mg e3d for 12 weeks. I'm just a bit curious if hcg should be used during this cycle or of its enough with arimedex and then a pct with nolva and clomid. All help is appreciated. Also wondering if I could add d balls 6 first weeks would a cycle like this increase my prs // chicken


please see this:http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/the_pct_serm_dosing_in_this_forum_is_wrong


I reckon don’t run it quite yet bro, you’re not maxed out yet, I hit 145bench, 180squat and 240dead when I was 22 @83kg 175cm natty, I still think you should train for another 1-2years before trying a cycle, I didnt hit my first cycle until I was 26.