First Cycle

26 years old. I have been lifting for 8 years.
5’9" 206lbs 12%bf
My goal with this cycle is to gain as much lean mass as possible and balance out my physique.
My lower body is way ahead of my upper body. Quads and hamstrings respond very well. I definitely
Want to work on some weak points but obviously develop more overall upper body mass to match the

Wk 1 20 mgs, wk 2-5 30mgs dbol two hours before workout
Wk 1-10 500mg test e e3d
Wk 1-10 arimidex .50mg eod

Wk 12-14 nolva 40/40/20/20

I feel I’ve made great gains naturally, but I want to take it to the next level. After years of consideration
I am finally mentally comfortable with the thought of using steroids. Naturally I was able to bring myself
From 170 to 206. Bench 315 deadlift 450 squat 400. Not the best numbers but I’m not a pl I just want to
Be bigger. I’m very proud of the physique I have been able o build naturally, I often get asked by other users if I’m on gear when I’m at the gym. I feel I have good genetics and would like to take it to the next level.

As a teen I did have lots of acne on my arms chest and back, this is a concern for me. I hope the steroids
Does not aggravate that situation. I also had very minor gynecomastia during puberty, which is another concern. I will have nolva on hand. I feel .50mg of adex is good in order to combat bloat and other sides with dbol. I will start with 20mgs of dbol to asses tolerance and then increase to 30 as I go along. Milk thistle for liver support, I have to read up some more to see what else I need for liver protection. Sorry if this post seems all over the place. Comments and critique welcome.

Only thing that stands out is the amount. Thats a lot of test for first cycle 500mg every 3 days that would be a gram a week. Since its your first maybe ease up a bit, try 250mg every 3 days, or just 2 injections per week of 250mg each time. e.g. inject tuesday and friday. As for the acne no one can really say I had bad acne as a teen and doing a cycle never brought on more than 2-3 pimples on my back just wash your face every night and hope for the best.

If you blast over a gram of test a week with only .5mg Adex EOD you’ll blow up with water and grow bitch tits. Then you’ll be back here asking how to reverse gyno. Drop the test down to 500mg and add another less aromatising / no aromatising injectable.

Thanks for in input and pointing out the test amounts per week. I believe this was a typo. I meant 500mg per week with 250mg e3d, not 1g 500mg e3d. 1 gram of test is nuts for a first cycle and a lot more expensive.

I have not started yet but I will update as soon as I do. Thinking about keeping the dbol at 4 weeks, just to be cautious and avoid any unnecessary damage or sides.

Im really going to try and focus in on weak points for this cycle like upper chest and the inner portion of the chest, biceps, lats and forearms. I know everything will grow, but I want to be as balanced as possible. I know you cannot get everything you want from just one cycle, just one step at a time.

[quote]nvj902 wrote:

Im really going to try and focus in on weak points for this cycle like upper chest and the inner portion of the chest, biceps, lats and forearms. [/quote]

There is no such thing as ‘inner chest’. Just saying. Look at an anatomy chart.

And as a side note, I’m kinda surprised you said your upper body is lagging compared to your legs. Your gym numbers (bench press vs squat vs deadlift) don’t indicate this. I actually think your bench press is your best lift out of those 3, with your deadlift being the worst.

Yea, I’m aware their is no such thing as an inner chest muscle, just pec major and minor. I think it’s understood what I’m referring to though, although Im not putting it in the right terms. Im looking to get a fuller chest all around :slight_smile:

The issue with my upper body is my shoulder dominance. I can bench 315 but I don’t have a chest that looks like I can bench 315. It has always been my weakness, but within the last few months I have made some great chest gains with various techniques and strategies. Biceps lag behind my triceps as well. Shoulders are as big as can be. Back is good and just needs more overall growth.

Legs tend to grow no matter what I do, high volume, low reps, 5-3-1, doesn’t matter. Recently I have been experiencing discomfort while sneezing and bending over so my DL has suffered. Im going to see a chiropractor soon and I’m working on recovering and so far I’m feeling better taking a break from DL.

Nothing makes me feel my entire pecs the next day, like the weighted dips. Bench doesn’t even come close.

You can target your upper chest but not your inner or outer chest because of the way the fibers run. Nothing to do with pec major and minor. You may want to switch to mainly DBs and dips or some good machines if you’re having trouble hitting your chest.