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First Cycle


Just looking for any recommendation or advice on my first cycle. A friend on mine set me up.
29 years old
12-13% bf

week 1-4 40mg of t-bol
week 1-16 test cyp 600mg
week 1-16 EQ 400-500mg
week 1-18 adex .25-.5 eod
week 17-18 HCG 500ius
week 19-23 liquid clomid 100/100/50/50

any Suggestions?


not bad, but for a first cycle, i think that would be a little too much.

the reason why test-only is recommended as a first cycle, is so you learn how to deal with the side effects.

i'm not a fan of clomid, but here's what i suggest as an edit to your post:

week 1-10 test cyp 600mg
week 1-14 adex .25-.5 eod
week 13-18 clomid 50 mg


Too much gear for first cycle, but if you decide to ignore our warning stop EQ 2 weeks before you stop test.


And that's because the EQ is a longer ester, correct?


Ok. So If I were to do a test only for my first then this would be a solid second cycle?


honestly? no.

unless you have a specific need (pro athlete), i'd take your time with AAS... for most people, this is gonna be a long term lifestyle change.

some guys here love T-bol, and others hate it (back pumps). same for EQ (BP issues).

but again, when taking androgens, it's easier to assess your sides by minimizing the variables (i.e. minimizing the compounds).


Also, it's always a good thing to stop and consider "Why do I have this compound in here, given that I also have... " and if the answer is "I don't know" then leave it out.

And think about total dosage, so therefore more of one thing or adding a thing means using less of another.

If using testosterone cypionate, and having an aromatase inhibitor so you can use the amount you want, what is the Oral Turinabol going to do for you that the testosterone will not? Why are you wanting to trade off some testosterone for the OT? If there's no real answer, then really why not leave off the OT?

Also what is the EQ doing for you that the testosterone will not?

Now I'm not saying that there's never a point to running test/ EQ versus straight testosterone, it's an entirely acceptable variation. Particularly if having already learned what testosterone alone does for you, and deciding to try substituting some of the test for EQ for a reason such as perhaps thinking that you want higher total dose but not more testosterone, with -- hypothetical example -- EQ being chosen because you wanted something with no conversion to DHT.

However it makes sense for there to be reasons rather than just adding things for the sake of adding.


Agreed. Except compounds such as these work well with each other. Just like people using dbol, deca, and test. As I say this is my first cycle, I am not a total noob at all. I'm not a bodybuilder so to speak, yet I have done my research.



Why do people not listen?

If you start getting sides how will you know what is affecting you? I ran test-p my first cycle and last 4 weeks got on dbol. Both compounds responded good to me. My next cycle I threw in EQ and it fucked me up, so I dropped it and continued to run my test and dbol. How would I have known what was affecting me if I had run test dbol and eq first cycle?

Be smart about it, test only on a natural body will give crazy fucking gains. People really underestimate it and want to run a bunch of compounds.


I'm not familiar with tbol TBH. IDK if the dosage for that is approriate, but everything else looks great. the dosing on everyhing else is approriate.

the only thing I would change is get rid of the HCG. there's no need to perform an HCG rescue unless you're over 30 years old or you've been cycling for a long time.
you'll be fine with nolvadex and clomid.


too much clomid, stay at 50 for 2 weeks.


woah, eq fucked you up? that's so werid. that's my favorite.


I really understand what you're saying, so I am "listening". I'm patient and willing to scale down to just test cyp. So now the subject is just the cycle stated above. It's advice on that which is stated that I am now looking for, not my understanding skills. I am happy to hear that you are wanting to take the time to help people understand to step back and slowly move foreword. You don't see that a lot. Knowing that you didn't respond well to eq was also helpful. How did you negatively respond to it?


What is your reasoning to scale back clomid to 50 for 2 weeks? And would HCG be used better for an 18 week cycle?


I would recommend running test only. If half way in you see that you have reacted good then you can run tbol. I know lots of guys run tbol at the end of their cycles.

You got plenty of cycles ahead, don't try to run too many things just yet. Do it safely and your body will thank you 10-15 years from now.


EQ shot my BP up to the point where I wasn't functional. Was actually pretty scary.


I've heard that and have seen it first hand. That sucks. Did you ever do HIIT a month or two before EQ?


Nope. Really bummed me out too. I was planning on running it up to a gram.


Some guys I know always run during off cycle to keep there heart in check and never do cardio when on. They swear by it.


don't listen to Greenseedless. his advice is quite honestly, stupid and dangerous.

the HCG use you had was fine, and quite conservative (lots of guys run 500 IU/wk for the whole cycle). besides, we don't use HCG because we NEED to, it's because we're hoping to minimize factors that will keep us from recovering.

same with PCT. you might recover in 2 weeks with a SERM, but you might not. however, running it 4 or 6 weeks (or even longer) is going to dramatically increase your chances of success, and there are plenty of studies that show the value in this.