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First Cycle


I am 22 years old i have been training for 7 years, 4 years with proper diet. I am competing in my second bodybuilding show soon here and after the show i plan to start my first cycle.
This is the plan for the cycle:

wk 1-4: 250 mg a week
wk 5-9: 375mg a week
wk 10-16: 500 mg a week

wk 1-4: 250 mg a week
wk 5-9: 375 mg a week
wk 10-12: 500 mg a week

wk 1-16: .5 mg every 3rd day

I would then take week 17-18 off and take nothing for steroids. Then start PCT week 19

wk 19-21

Clomid or Novladex
wk 19-21

I have not figured out what i want the dosage of HCG CLomid or Novladex to be. Also i can't decide between climid or Novladex i have researched both and can't decided what one is better.

Please give me any feedback on my dosage or schedule that you think should change.