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First Cycle

Hey everyone, I have been researching AAS for 2 years now and am thinking about doing my first cycle this summer. I’m 23 years old, have been training consistently for 8 years. Played NCAA college football for 4 years. I am 6 foot 1, 225 lbs right now, about 15% BF. My cycle would consist of 400mg Test E for the first 4 weeks, then increasing to 500mg a week for weeks 5-10. Would pin twice a week (mon/Thurs). Will use either Nolva or Arim every second day during cycle, but I want to know what would work better.

Plan would then be to take 2 weeks off and start PCT for 3 weeks, of at least Nolva but also looking at HCG, would love to hear some opinions on that. My main questions are what is the best diet for fat loss during cycle & what type of results other people have had. Keeping it simple with just the test e, as I have read that your first cycle should be kept simple. Would love to get some input, and feel free to ask any questions about info I may have missed.

Why go 4 weeks at one dose and then increase for the last 6? I would say either stay at 400 the whole time, or go straight to 500 for the whole stretch. Take the arimidex during, and play with dosing and timing to find your sweet spot. Nolva is for PCT. If you are going to use HCG, the common wisdom says to either take it the whole time you are on or take it for the last three weeks and stop the same time you come off Test E. 2 weeks off before PCT should be good, but I would go 4 weeks PCT instead of 3 and keep the arimidex in for at least the first couple weeks.

What he said.