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First Cycle


Im new to tnation but i use to get get the mazine back in the day so I figured this would be a great place to ask. So I am looking to run a cycle. This would be my first one and I would like some insight. I was think of runing one of two options.

Option 1week 1-4 25 mg dbol everyday

Week 1-12 500mg test-e 2x a week
week 13-14 off
week15-16 40 mg nolvadex everyday
week 17 20 mg nolvadex everday

Option 2

Week 1-10 250mg test e E3D and 0.25 mg armiedex EOD
week 11 adex 0.25mg EOD
week 12 0.125mg adex EOD
week 13-14 40 mg test-e E3D
week 15-16 30 mg test-e E3D
week 17-18 20 mg test-e E3D
week 19-20 10 mg test-e E3D

any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated


Option 1 but add in the adex from option 2

And.... First post of the year!! Not at all on purpose. Just noticed it and had to edit.


I don't think you have a clear understanding of what adex is or does by looking at your option 2. Option 1 you propose to run a 1000mg of test a week which is also not such a good idea.

So none.


Oh crap. I read that as 500/wk.

I was saying 500/wk split into 2 doses. Run Adex the entire cycle. If you truly intended to run a 1000mg/wk with no AI you do need to do a lot more research.


Holy fuckery that was hard to read....
Why complicate life....

wk 1-12 500mg test-e (250 split into 2x week)
adex wk 1-12 0.5mg eod
wk 13-14 off
wk 15-18 40/40/20/20, or extend it 15-20 same scheme.

I'm personally going to try HCG 10 days prior to my pct at 500mg ed to see if it helps. Suppose to do wonders for recovery.


option 1 plus adex 0.5mg eod


Option 1 since you don't fully understand the taper method which you proposed in option 2.

Add in some adex, hcg as well if you want