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First Cycle

Alright sorry to have yet another “first cycle” post up guys but i would really appreciate top advice from the vets to put my mind at ease. Yes there is a lot of good info to learn from BUT theres a lot of crap diluting the good info!? I have been training for 4 years and have a good grasp of diet and lifting.
I am 24 and 2 months old. 6’1 and 195lbs at 12%bf.

So here it is -

Weeks 1-10 – Test Cyp 250 mg 2X weekly.
Weeks 1-4 – (maybe) dbol at 20mg.
Arimidex at 0.5mg ed and for 10 days after cycle ends.

P.C.T. (starting 14 days after my last pin to let cyp esters clear out)

Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Also which cycle support would you guys choose? N2Gaurd or CycleAssist? Or any better ones you know of.

Any input would be massively helpful as i am fully aware of what irresponsible use of aas can do.

Will be adding HCG aswell for the last 3-4 weeks before PCT if my finances allow it lol.

Thanks very much in advance.

Post your stats

The stats are up at the bottom of the first paragraph.

6’ 1". 24 and 2 months old. 12% bf.

Ok, 24 and 2 months… but how many days?!

Cycle looks good except Adex should be EOD. .5ED would be a high dose. I don’t think you would need it that high. Looks like a good, simple cycle.

Good luck

If you are referring to how many days age wise i really dont see how that is relavent.

If u mean how many days do i train - 4 days a week.

The question i asked was about my cycle not age or training.

Not trying to sound rude bro btw.

Thanks for the reply “eatmorefood” , ok so 0.5mg eod or 0.25mg ed i will do then. Probably 0.25mg ed for the sake of keeping levels steady.

I was being sarcastic because you decided to tell us you were 24 and 2 months old, lol who does that? But anyways, cycle looks good, you won’t regret using hcg, its like 50 bucks tops so why not, id start adex at .25 eod.

as a fellow Scot, I’ve got your back, brother!

I think you should bump the dbol up to 30mg/day, and run the adex at 0.5mg eod. The half life of adex is such that every other day dosing is fine. Taper it down in the last week before PCT.

Don’t bother with N2Guard or Cycleassist or any other bullshit supplement like that. If you are really worried about staying healthy take things like ALA, TUDCA and fish oil (which you should be taking anyway). Your cycle is pretty light though so I wouldn’t worry too much about your liver, BP, etc.

Ok Ok “eatliftsleep” i see your point it was stupid. Its my first post ok leave me alone lol. Ok cool so hcg it is then.

Alright “YOGI” thanks for the reply , so you are saying dont bother with those supps? I get prescribed Propranalol (for anxiety) and have read that its good while on cycle to lower BP. LDL is a concern though hence why i mentioned the 2 supps?? What part of Scotland are you from brother? I am up in inverness! Going to order my cycle in the next few days so hopin to start February 1st!

[quote]scottish muscle wrote:
Ok Ok “eatliftsleep” i see your point it was stupid. Its my first post ok leave me alone lol. Ok cool so hcg it is then. [/quote]

just bustin your balls mate, enjoy the cycle

Cheers “eatliftsleep” will do. Got another kid on the way so in june so wanna get a cycle and pct all done before then!

Great first cycle, i would maybe start pct 14-21days after last pin. Cyp along with TestE are longer esters. Enjoy my dude!!

Fuq lol, You mentioned all that. this rest day has me anxious

Why don’t you try doing this for your 1st cycle…NOTHING. You’re 24 years old and risking damaging your endocrine system permanently. You’ll possibly end up being one of those guys in here who’s 30 years old and seeing an endocrinologist when your body can’t produce testosterone anymore. Is that what you want? At 24 yo, you can put on plenty of muscle with your natural levels.

“Daveness” I have done what i feel is sufficient research into aas and feel i am ready. There are far younger , less knowledgable people out there doing much harder cycles and are ok. I.appreciate your input though man. Out of interest what would you say is the.minimum age for roids?

[quote]daveness371 wrote:
At 24 yo, you can put on plenty of muscle with your natural levels.[/quote]

Pretty far fetched thing to say. Who knows what his levels are at.

Exactly “BUDS” everyone is different. You see people at 18 looking mid 20s and vice versa. But there is always a risk with aas all we can do is be as safe as we can. Knowledge is power.