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First Cycle

Lifting since age 15
Started 5’11/115 (skinny frame)
Current 5’11 between 180-200 currently 180.
Currently 22 years old and very passionate about health/fitness/hypertrophy training is a particular interest of mine. I have come to the point where I would like to make the adult decision to do my first injectable cycle and begin to maximize potential. Before anyone says I have plenty of size I can put on, I have been trying to get above 190 for ages without getting fat and my body just isn’t having it.

Diet/ 6 meals a day/ always splitting up my protein currently on a diet so I’m very low with carbs and moderate fats. I’m about 2300 calories currently, seems low but I have done AMA/RMA assessments and with my lifestyle this is just a slight deficit for me. I am healthy, I have been anal about fish oil/thistle/nac/resveratrol/multis and so on and so forth for years so my consistency leaves no doubt in the health of my organs.

I know I’m gyno prone, I was introduced to designer steroids when i was younger without knowing what they were. They were actually sold at my gym, so as long ago as I took those I have always had urges to get my test back to a level that felt right.

My thoughts after doing research were as follows:

Im going on vacation in 5 weeks so Immediately i thought about possibly doing an oral cycle, possibly something with anavar. I have disregarded that because upon further research it seems like a terrible idea.


thinking about 500mg test/e for 12 weeks followed by a standard nova/clomid pct, seems more suitable the long ester is just appealing because ill have to pin less frequently. In terms of adex it seems that .25 ed is what some people like to do. Would love to hear more opinions. As far as HCG I’ve heard some people like to pin it on the days before their Test shot so i would also like more opinions on that. I came to the site just hoping to get a good plan going for the first cycle I want it to go smoothly as I know it should.

Also, regarding my vacation in 5 weeks, anyway I could start before that and pin before I leave and then pin again once back or smartest just to wait till I’m back altogether (Im thinking option 2 here.)

Thanks guys I look forward to hearing your thoughts