First Cycle

Went in for TRT and blood work showed I was at 147. Not sure of any other stats. My goal is to get slightly big and to feel good instead of lazy and moody. Here is what I was prescribed, I would like advice on how best to take all of this during the week.
-400mg test cyp per week split up into 2 shots of 200mg

  • 1000 iu of Hcg fortified w B12 per week split up into 2 shots of 500iu.
    -2mg arimidex per week split into 2 doses of 1mg.

That is the DR recommendation. Any suggestions? Is 2mg of arimidex too much? Should I expect good gains with this cycle? Should I take the hcg and arimidex on the same days as my test shots as the DR suggested? I have read the stickies but would like advice on my specific cycle. I appreciate the help!

400mg/wk isn’t really considered TRT. It’s EIGHT times what I started at.

I am having a hard time believing that you are telling the truth. I can’t imagine any Dr prescribing 400mg’s of Test/wk week. I’m on TRT and I did a “blast” of 300mg’s/wk for my 1st cycle

Anyways…I’d suggest splitting your Arimidex up. Cut your 1mg tab in half and take EOD

Agree with ToolMan. Either you’re lying or you’re in a country that prescribes TRT at much higher levels than what they are prescribed at in the US. Also ageed on the Adex. That should be EOD, @ .5mg to start.

The highest dose I’ve seen prescribed was 250mg/week