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First Cycle


Ok after about a year or so researching and reading i have decided to run a cycle. and i wanted to keep it somewhat light on the system for testing.
i,m not sure i will ever run a second cycle, but i wanted a baseline either way..

My history

I,m 42 male
weight is 220ish 20% BF (still kind of hight i know) allot of this is due to extra skin from ,osing allot of fat.
height is 6 foot
Work out is 5 times a week and have been for about 1.5 years
I can post work out plan and diet plan if need be.. but I think i have that under control for now.
I was 310lbs and about 50% BF
I cleaned up my diet and found a work out plan that seams to work for my body and life style (ie family and 2 jobs)

Goals are strenght mostly and some trimming

My first cycle i had planned looks like this

Weeks 1-14 Test E (500mg split 2 times a week) Sunday morning and thursday night.
Weeks 9-14 Anavar 40mg a day maybe bump up to 60 a day in weeks 13 and 14
Weeks 17 - 20 Nolvandex ( 40mg for 2 weeks then 20mg the rest )

As its my first time i wanted something my system would handle
I have done all the pre-doctor visits for blood work etc. all checks out

any thoughts on this cycle.. good or bad i,ll take everything one has to say. I plan of starting in a couple of weeks

I know some will ask why.. and to be honest i,m not sure anyone can answer that 100% so i,ll do my best.. My body has changed allot over the year plus and i,m pretty happy with how i look.. i think i have built a solid foundation and i want to see if i can hit some personal goals. i have hit a plateau in strenght and i,m looking to push past it.. and get a little help in the process..

I eat and sleep well.. non smoker and i have a drink maybe once a month if that.. my work outs are 5x a week for about 1.5 hours that inlcude 20min cardio stretching and warm ups.. I do high volume with moderate weights on this 16 week program and have done 16 week 5x5 for strenght work outs etc.
I just feel i,m ready for a cycle.

thanks for any info.. Like i said good or bad.. i dont have a ego so i want take anything personally.. i know my body fat is still high and allot of people say the stuff wont work etc.. health risk.. blood presure risk etc.. i will have my doctor monitor me.. and any signs of issues i,ll bail early.
Also if i decide to put this on hold.. how long can gear stay on the shelf for? i have everythung i need now.. so if someone offers up something that changes my mind.. is it still good in 6 months? if i decide to hold off?


Congrats on losing all that weight. But your bodyfat may still be a little high for ideal results. Those with higher bodyfat are more prone to testosterone aromatization. So some of the additional test you inject will convert to estrogen, making muscle gain and fat loss nowhere easier. I had a buddy at %20 BF that started to run a cycle of test, 600mg per week, and at the end of week 2 he already started to develop gyno and was holding water weight.

I don’t know what your diet is like, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to lose even more fat without drugs. Afterall you’ve already lost a significant amount. Bring your BF down to like %12-14 then go for it. The results will be even more significant and you’ll feel amazing.

But if you are dead set on running it anyway, you’ll need to take an AI like arimidex to prevent estrogen related side effects.

Gear will be okay on the shelf. Just store it wisely, like in a cooler room, out of sunlight.


Number 1 I have seen dudes who are lean as hell and I mean under 10% bf who have gotten gyno and I am personally a 15-18% guy who never gets gyno and I don not touch AIs. Test is going to convert to estrogen no matter what your bf% and if your prone to gyno your going to it no matter how lean you are. Your friend was prone to gyno and that is why he got it.

Testosterone especially in men his age has been proven to help reduce body fat with very little change in life style. I know many strongmen and power lifters who are no where near your 12-14% and are doing just fine and seeing all the benefits of AAS. Should he clean up and continue to drop body fat?

Sure if he wants to and has a reason for it. Is 20% yes but if he is happy with it and is obviously healthier what the hell does it matter. He clearly stats his main goal is strength .


[quote]Barstoolphreak wrote:
i know my body fat is still high and allot of people say the stuff wont work etc… health risk… blood presure risk etc… i will have my doctor monitor me… and any signs of issues i,ll bail early.

Simply responding to this^

I understand everyone is different and at higher/lower bf% can be either prone to gyno or not get it at all.

But its also known that aromatase is found most prevalently in fat cells,so the more fat a man has, there is a chance he has more aromatase and potential for more estrogen.

He wanted to know the risks. I’m just sayin its a risk


So is prostate growth, hair loss, permanent shut down, blood pressure issues, cholesterol issues, and slew of other issues including gyno that has nothing to little to do with BF% and AAS use but, you didn’t say anything about those.


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My original post was aimed towards estrogen related side effects. I stated someone I know developed gyno very easily, which is one, but not the only estrogen related side effect. No need to list them all. Anyone looking to use AAS should know the potential risks. It’s a matter of doing what you can to minimize the chances of having to deal with the side effects


Blood pressure and Prostate Growth are both related to estrogen conversion. So off your words why did you not bring them up? You are talking out of your ass. Also if your gonna call people names could you at least make them names that kinda make since.


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Heavy metal dick is a badass name I’m kinda bummed out I went with Kenny now[/quote]

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