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FIrst Cycle


Im 5'8 and weigh 163 pounds.
Im a hard gainer.

Im gonna try my first cycle and keep it on for 4 weeks.

ill be trying decca durabolin and testosterone Enanthate.

The reason im keeping it for 4 weeks is i dont wanna get huge too quick as dont others and my family to realize that im on steroids.

Should i cycle with these two or should i be adding anything to the stack?


Your not a hard gainer your a bitch who doesn't know how to eat or lift. Get the hell out of here your a bigger joke than that cycle and that's saying something because I haven't seen a cycle this poor in logic ever. Good god.


Don't use steroids.



I've bought the steroids already so cant back out.

Maybe i dont know how to eat.


strongmanvinny..are u puking out all your roids..lolz



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First of all, you're not ready for AAS. Just because you're a "hard gainer" doesn't justify the use of anabolics. What you need is proper diet and consistent training. ( which is you were to list your training / diet here i would bet How old are you even? Do you have a PCT lined up with the drugs on hand? Do you know that the Enanthate ester of testosterone takes 4-6 keeps to build up blood serum levels to even start to feel anything.

You will get NOTHING from running this "cycle". You have to run Test E for a bare minimum of 10 weeks.

This cycle is lacking not only proper length, but many other things such as an AI (aromatase Inhibitor), hCG, PCT ( most importantly!!), and the proper knowledge to use all of these drugs.

You have years before your ready for AAS. Get to researching, don't make a fool of your self.


Don't wanna get huge too quick


I'm sorry but you clearly know nothing.


this shit just gets better and better


If this is your first cycle your going to find plenty of info just by googling "first cycle steroids" or some such. Your gains will be minimal and what you do gain will be lost quickly, likely. You ideally cycle for 10 weeks+ Your age hasn't been mentioned. The most universally accepted age seems to be 25, to start AAS (steroids) though this depends on the person. If you are under 21, you are gambling with your endocrine system. What aromatase inhibitor do you have? That last question's a joke =>D