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First Cycle


Stats -
Height:5ft 9in

Cycle -
Wk 1-5 Dbol 30mg ED
Wk 1-12 Test E 250mg Mon-Thur
Wk 1-15 Adex 0.25mg EOD
Wk 12-15 Winny 50mg ED
Wk 16-19 Nolva 20/20/20/20
Wk 16-18 Clomid 100/50/50

Diet -
Every 2hrs from waking 6:00am
Meal 1: 100g Oats & Raisins, Shake 1 Banana & tbsp Peanut Butter
Meal 2: 200g Chicken, 50g Rice, Veg, Piri Piri Sauce
Meal 3: Tuna & Cheese sandwich
Meal 4: 200g Chicken, 50g Rice, Veg, Piri Piri Sauce
Meal 5: (Pre Workout) Shake 1 Banana
Meal 6: (Post Workout) Creatine in Apple Juice, Shake 30mins later
Meal 7: Pasta with 6 Whole Eggs
Meal 8: Baked potato 100g Cottage Cheese
Meal 9: Chicken salad

Right first post ! I think ive made some pretty good natty gains over the years and ive made sure to wait for my test levels to peak before thinking about starting a cycle. Anyway with that said i would really like to hear from people older than myself with a good few years of AAS use under there belts, no offence but if you are 21 and have only done a few cycles then chances are you hang around forums like this one passing around misinformed information that you heard from some other 21yr old that has no clue.

So my question is how does my cycle look ? because truth be told i have no idea ! the amount of conflicting information i have read over the past few months is ridiculous. Ive just had to put together what i think is right.


do you mean 250 test mon and 250 test thurs or are you only doing 250 a week? Just making sure, but it needs to be a total of 500mg a week, which is prob what you mean, but just checkin


oh, wait just saw the winny, you wanna bulk right? if you haven’t bought the winny, dont. At 5’9, 200lbs and 10% you are super lean, and the winny is to dry you out for competition or something like that, otherwise it is not a necessary compound and will make you sore as hell, and I was an athlete(college and some pro) so I dont mean kinda sore, I mean ache all day sore.
Bottom line you dont need it bro, if you wanna do something else just to add something do deca with it, you are lean enough to get great results from that mix.


Yeah thats right rupe 250mg mon and thurs ! And ill take your advice leave the winny out dont fancy snapping something off, other than that is the cycle ok ? ive read about hcg but think i can cope with my nuts shrinking as long as they come back haha !


How would i run deca ? and could you tell me more about it, from what ive read you get a limp noodle no matter how much test you take, dont fancy playing pool with a bit of rope !!!


300 mg/w and caber for the cock. Better off saving it for your next cycle imo. 2 less things you have to put in your body…be easier to pinpoint side effects later on.


Deca had never given me Deca Dick ran it 600 test 600 Deca never had a problem. Didn’t run anything caber with it either. Some people just respond differently to it but all I got was alot of bloat from it but a decent drug none the less.


I am with Reedon this one, I wake up with wood almost everyday and I am running a 600mg/wk test 400mg/week deca cycle now with only .5mg Adex EOD. Took my last deca pin today. I was injured in combat and was rehabbing on this cycle so Had to take it easy on the back and still have gained 15 lbs lean muscle and a ton of strenghth. Also, I am not as lean as you closer to 14-15% bf, up some because of this cycle, but with your 10%bf you will get optimum gains from this.

German makes a valid basic point of the less compounds the easier it is to see where your probs are if you have any, but if you run like this(above) it is a low dose of both and the Arimidex keeps things downstairs and estrogen levels in check, proper PCT of course.

If you wanna just run test for first cycle, no prob, but if you wanna run something else this is a low dose clean cycle for a serious lifter.


yeah and to add to Reeds comment again, I did get bloat and water gains, which sounds worse than it is, because as lean as u are, with proper diet and PCT, it will vanish soom after cycle ends and you will notice it less at 10% bf than at 14% like me.


Why only 3 weeks of clomid?