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First Cycle


I will be using 250mg of testosterone enanthate per week . My source told me to take 10mg of nolva every other day to prevent gyno. Is the nolva neccesary at such a low dose of testosterone? Or should i wait to use gyno until i see my nipples getting puffy? Also how long after my shot should i take blood tests to check my testosterone levels and find out if the testo im using is legit?


the e takes a little longer, and that is a very low dose, what are your stats(ht, wt, age, rank). I would take an AI like arimadex instead of the nolva as an on cycle and save the nolva for after cycle PCT.

is this your first cycle of aas? and was just kidding about the rank


as rupe said, run an ai, save nolva for pct