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First Cycle


Did some research, but looking for more info from some of you guys.

I'll be running a Test E cycle (12 Weeks). Im still up in the air about kick starting it with Dbol.

23 Years Old
6 Ft, 213 Lbs

This is what I have so far. Any suggestions would be viewed and appreiated.

Week 1: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg)
Week 2: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg)
Week 3: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg)
Week 4: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg)
Week 5: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg)
Week 6: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg)
Week 7: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg)
Week 8: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg) // HCG 1000 uis (Mon-500 ui/Thurs-500 ui)
Week 9: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg) // HCG 1000 uis (Mon-500 ui/Thurs-500 ui)
Week10:Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg) // HCG 1000 uis (Mon-500 ui/Thurs-500 ui)
Week11: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg) // HCG 1000 uis (Mon-500 ui/Thurs-500 ui)
Week12: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg) // HCG 1000 uis (Mon-500 ui/Thurs-500 ui)

PCT- Clomid (100/100/50/50) Weeks 1-4
Tamox (40/40/20/20) Weeks 1-4
3g of DAA(D-aspartic acid) every day for 1 month

Many people say 1 pin a week for test e is stable compared to short like prop, but i have no problem with pinning, and many people debate more stable blood levels with multiple pins? any truth?


Pin the test E 2x a week

Run an AI throught cycle, not Nolva

Run the hcg throughout cycle at 250iu 3x a week

Pct looks good, start 2 weeks after last pin

Add dbol if you want


Watch bp if you add dbol


You understand you need to use an aromatase inhibitor / ai beginning week one and day of first injection? "Aromatase inhibitors work by inhibiting the action of the enzyme aromatase, which converts androgens into estrogens by a process called aromatization."

You may have misspoke but you should know this.

Tamoxifin / Nolvadex is a SERM not an AI. you run it post cycle and if you feel the onset of nipple sensitivity or enlargement of breast tissue during your test cycle. You may feel little rice type tissue under your nipple. You hit that with a SERM Tamoxifin (which you already have)

"Week 4: Test E 500mg (Mon-250mg/Thurs-250mg) Tamoxifin ED"

The essence here is for you to start aromasin / exemestane, arimidex / anstrozole or letrozole on the first day of cycle.


Thanks for all the advice. Instead of running an AI entire cycle, shouldnt i have some on hand in case? Killin Es doesnt seem like the best thing to do for an entire cycle. killing gains, killing libido, and aching joints? If i keep some letro on hand, would my cycle be ready to go in your opinion?


Run your AI entire cycle. Taken properly it doesn't stop all estrogen. It keeps you at a normal level. Too much estrogen is quite bad and and with your Test being far higher than normal...... Your estrogen will be too.


letro doesn't "kill" your estrogen


What would be a good dose to make the levels low? I was told by a friend that this amount of test wouldnt need an AI ED or EOD. I was told to get 5 letro labs and break them into 4's. Using .25 EOD when signs of gyno come up.


Adex (Letro) .5 EOD

This is the commonly accepted dosage for the amount of test you are taking. Adjust as needed from there. Don't wait till gyno shows up. That's idiotic, no offense to you, complete offense to whoever told you that. This is a preventative not a cure.


well your friend is an idiot


Or not a friend


Adex isn't the same thing as letro


You are right my fault. I meant anastrozole.

Sorry OP when you said .25ED I thought you meant mg and adex comes in 1mg pills. Got ahead of myself