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First Cycle

I am strongly looking at starting a cycle including anavar test prop and masteron. it will be my first cycle and am just looking for good honest advice from those who have cycled these before. Please use simple terms as i am trying to weed out the bad information from the good anyway.

anavar is too expensive, masteron is precontest/photoshoot only IMO

prop is a TON of pinning, which gets old quick

I would suggest

1-end of pct
aromasin 12.5mg ED (taper off in pct)

weeks 1-14
Test E 1g/week

weeks 1-12
deca 600mg/week

weeks 1-6
dbol 50mg ED

weeks 10-beginning of pct
drol 100mg ED

clomid 100/100/50/50 + aromasin taper

you will thank me later when you look back on your first cycle.

would i have to take anavar throughout the whole cycle? if i could afford it

if i could afford anavar (i already have 100 tabs) would i have to take it throughout the whole cycle?