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First Cycle

Hello Im 6’4 200 pounds and been training for 10(since for 14 now 24) years, and my diet is in check so stfu and dont tell me about it,I eat 250-300 grams of protein and 40g of fat and vary my carbs dependng on what my goal is at the time. If you tell me i dont need to cycle and need to check my diet ill fuckin come kill you i swear…

Okay just to do an overview im trying to stay on the Dry side rather then wet side of steroids, in other words i dont want to cycle a roid that boats me with water retention,
I was thinking something along the lines like this
Test cyp wks 1-10 400mgs(two injections weekly of 200mgs)glutes,quads,delts rotate injection
Anavar 2-10 40mg ED (I thought why not add anavar in the mix while my receptors are fresh)
PCT:12-16 Clomid 100/50/50/50/ do i need HCG? im thinking yea to be on the safe side but not positive, please let me know
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD (bump it up if estrogen sides get worse)

Let me know what yall think and if you have any suggestions that’d be cool too, i was thinking maybe taking masteron instead of anavar ? maybe proviron? let me know… i plan on taking this cycle around january-febuary so i have some time to plan this out and make it right the first time…

Ill be taking the proper supplements like liv-52 and cycle support stuff … etc

Start pct week 13

oh really ? does cyp stay in you for 2 weeks or 3 after last pin?

2 weeks. But week 10 you’ll still be pining so week 11/12 you’re letting the test clear then week 13 start pct.

I would just stick with the var if this is your first cycle. I would also recommend running hcg through your cycle. Makes recovery easier.

I would probably work on your diet first though. :slight_smile:

[quote]BUDs wrote:
2 weeks. But week 10 you’ll still be pining so week 11/12 you’re letting the test clear then week 13 start pct.

This is a simple answer, but not exactly correct for all situations. The half life of the Test Cyp is about 7 days, so how much is left after 2 weeks is really dose dependent.

The advice to wait 2 weeks to start PCT after a cycle is fine for a dose in the 500 mg range, but the higher the dose the longer you have to wait. The idea is to wait until your remaining exogenous T is on the level of what you would produce naturally, which is somewhere south of 100 mg (with ester weight).

sticking with Var only? why I’ve always been told test always your first cycle and use test as a base in every cycle also…

I dont think he meant Var only, with no Test. He meant Var over Mast or Proviron for a first cycle. Rule seems to be that you should stick to one compound (test) for your first. MAYBE var too because of its mild sides.