First Cycle

Hey everyone im just looking for some experienced people who can help me with running my first cycle. I am 6’2 190 lbs. I have been training for 3 years.

I have a lot of friends that are on a cycle or have taken one before. They have told me lots of information on steroids and pct it has been very helpful. The reason why I asking for help on here is because i just dont really trust there advice i have found that they are to carless with there steroids and just dont really know all the facts.

i have two bottles of testosterone enanthate 250 and a bottle oral winstrol

Heres how i think i should be taking it

Test E 500 mg per week

Test E: weeks 1-10

Wintsrol: weeks6-10

Is this a good idea? Feel Free to call me a noobie at this and that i should research more. I feel like i have researched a lot thus far and I’m just going to take the cycle anyways. So if theres anyone with expierence that could just help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
Also what are good foods or diet to get on, how many times a day i should be eating, and how much should my calorie intake be. I also play high intensity soccer a couple times a week just wondering if this will affect my soccer abilities. anyways sorry for the hassle but if anyone could get back to me it would be nice of you .

No adex, no hcg, no dosages listed for the winny, no idea how to follow a proper bodybuilding diet (how is that possible?)


Try again.

[quote]Cskilliter wrote:
[J]ust wondering if this will affect my soccer abilities