First Cycle

I have been reading many forums for the past three months and have  found very good information i love this forum and decided to join the community , great forum good job guys.All right here’s goes nothing I hope I get everything you need to know so you can critique my plan and or have some useful advice. I have worked out for 4 years. 2 of which have been serious and have had good gains and have increased strength greatly along with physique.

This last year I have been at the gym 6 times a week with 2 periods of 3 to 4 weeks off at most I miss one day a week every 7-8 weeks. I have 12 percent body fat and wheigh 195. My diet right now cut me from 209 to 195 with decent strength gains and no loss of muscle. I have a clean diet and eat 5 times a day using protein twice a day and pretty standard vitamins. I plan on bulking up to 205-210 pounds but only

Want to put on solid muscle. I am not looking to be super vascular just gain 10-15 pounds of lean muscle and maybe drop 7 or 8 pounds of fat. 
Now I am not looking for comments about it not being a first cycle or comments that are derogatory and pointless I would really like to be able to contribute useful information back To this forum one day also I have done a lot o research before coming here and would like more experienced users advice this is the cycle I have chose and would
Like some good input thanks.Â

8 week cycle 
Test p 1-8 50 Ed 
Tren a 1-8 50 EdÂ

Caber on hand not sure If I should take it the whole time or wait untill I have problems?
Clomid and hcg for pct maybe 50 a day for the clomid not sure how long to run it yet have read too many different opinions would like some input .  I should have acess to almost anything I would need I have a good source and it takes a week to get to me at most. This is my first cycle any   Positive or critical input would great. I will also keep updated when I start and let everyone know how it goes
Also thanks again for the great forum.




these are three things you need to get sorted before you cycle

I was thinking adex but came to belief that I wouldn’t need it unless I had problems because of tren not aromatizing. I thought the caber would cover me for the prolactin at .25 mg every third day. And maybe keep some Letro around just in case I have problems

[quote]Jdiggs wrote:
I was thinking adex but came to belief that I wouldn’t need it unless I had problems because of tren not aromatizing. [/quote]

Neither do protein powders. Or water…but you do realize one of the items in your cylce (test) does actually aromatize, right?

I most definitely do understand the test does aromatize but from researching different forums I keep reading differing opinions on it also is that enough test to worry about atomization or is any amount enough ?

I guess it just depends on how badly you want gyno. If you don’t care, then don’t bother with the AI. If you do, then use one. The choice is yours.